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What We Know About Fortnite Season 8

With the rising competition in the “Free-to-play” battler royale genre, season 8 is going to be very crucial for Fortnite. Already Fortnite is suffering a major decrease in viewership numbers with the majority of the users tuning into the latest “Battle-royale” phenomenon Apex Legends. Epic has delayed the release of update V7.40 to Feb 14th from Feb 13th. They claim to be making a ton of changes in this update all leading up to the launch of season 8.

Season 8 is scheduled to start on the 28th of Feb and a lot of rumors have been floating about. Let’s take a look at what season 8 might have in-store for us.

Tremors Have Been Felt

For the past week, users have been posting clips of minor-earthquakes happening frequently throughout the day. This started once the ice started melting throughout the map.  Many users in the Fortnite community have been suggesting that this earthquake could magnify from a minor earthquake to a major one soon.

Changes to the map and cracks in the surface are what we can anticipate in the coming days. As of now, these tremors haven’t made any drastic changes to the game. All its been doing is teasing an upcoming natural disaster.

Take a look at this post to get a preview of the tremors that have been going on.

A Water Themed Season!

The ice had been melting throughout last month and it’s only logical for us to understand that all this water is going to be held up in parts of the map. Polar Peak has been unveiling itself this whole season and more ice is expected to melt before the end of this season. Epic is yet to introduce a water-based vehicle and this might be the season that pops-up. The Fishstick skin was introduced late December and the design does suggest that the makers of the game are thinking about water animals and other such subtle additions to the game.

Polar Peak is Unveiling Itself!

Towards the end of last year, Epic had introduced a new section to the map right beside “Lucky Landing” that was filled with ice and snow.  New cities were added and some old ones like “Greasy Groove” were removed from the game. One of the new cities is “Polar Peak”. Polar Peak was the spot where players had to go to find the “Infinity Sword”, an over-powered weapon which was later vaulted.

At the time of the “Infinity Sword”, Polar Peak was just a small portion of a large castle buried in ice and snow. As months flew by, snow and ice had been melting gradually and more about the castle was being revealed. Library rooms and large medieval themed rooms can be found at the Polar Peak, but there’s much more beneath it.

Wait it doesn’t end there, in late December last year, data miners had spotted dragon eggs at the bottom of this castle. No other hints related to these eggs have come up ever since but it looks like Epic does have something medieval in mind.

Have a look at this video to see the dragon eggs for yourself.

Season 8 is scheduled to start on 28th of February, which means that two more weeks remain until the launch. Extra challenges will be available to users in these coming two weeks.

As a really crazy theory, I’m going to throw out that the dragon eggs is a partnership with Game of Thrones and will be used in conjunction with the launch of the final season.

What are you thoughts on Season 8? Is it going to be a water themed season or a medieval themed season? Both maybe? Post your comment on what you feel should happen in season 8.


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