Fortnite V7.40 Update Released : Free Season 8 Battle Pass and More

Epic has released update V7.40 on all platforms, along with a major announcement. The Battle Pass for season 8 will be free for all the users who complete 13 free “Overtime Challenges”. Since the launch of Apex Legends, we were all expecting something big for this update and Epic has managed to deliver.

Fortnite players have only 13 days to complete these challenges and earn themselves a free Battle Pass for season 8. These challenges are open-to-all and you don’t need a season 7 battle pass to unlock the challenges. For Battle Pass owners, additional costume options can be unlocked for “Trog, Onesies and Powder” outfits.

Players who have shifted to Apex Legends over the past few weeks will have to switch back over to Fortnite right away to earn themselves a free Battle Pass. Well played Epic!

Apart from this announcement, other significant changes has been mentioned in their latest patch notes.


  • Infantry Rifle (New weapon): This weapon deals damages of 40,43, 45 damage and has a 2x headshot multiplier. The infantry Rifle uses medium bullets. Quick back to back shots can be fired using this weapon, unlike the hunting rifle.
  • Cupids Crossbow: This silent “Bow & arrow” weapon does body damage of 79 and headshot damage f 197. structures cannot be taken down using this weapon as it does only 1 damage to structures.
  • Hand Cannon: The damage of this weapon has been reduced from 150 to 100 (Epic rarity) and from 157 to 105 (legendary rarity)
  • Rocket Launchers: These can only be found in supply drops, they no longer spawn in the loot chests.
  • Vaulted Weapons: Only Grenades have been vaulted this time around.
  • Unvaulted Weapon:  Clinger

Pop-up Cup Rules are Now Included in all Modes

Fortnite is including Pop-Up Cup gameplay into all the modes in its playlist. Which means, henceforth all game modes will have the following features in it.

  • Players will gain 50 health/shield upon every elimination
  • 500 cap on all materials
  • Harvesting rate is now up by 40%

Epic has mentioned that these inclusions are all part of a test phase and they asked players their genuine feedback on what they think about these changes.

Other Gameplay Changes

  • PC and Console players can now crouch while in edit mode.
  • No fall damage while jumping off a zipline.
  • Turbo building is now 3x faster.
  • Floor traps now automatically build a floor piece, you’ll need to make sure that the resources to build it are stocked up.

The Much Awaited Aim-Assist Nerf has Arrived

Apparently, a feature called “snap-to” is associated with the Aim-Assist, what this does is that it locks onto a player when the “ADS” is held down. This “Snap-to” feature can only be used once every 5 secs. This will force the player to “track and shoot” his opponent instead of just spamming the “Aim down sight” feature. This is a major blow to all console players who got used to the ADS spamming technique.  We’ll have to wait and see what reactions the console community has on this major tweak to the game.

LTM Modes are Going to Keep Changing Every Thursday and Saturday

A new LTM Catch: This new mode is available to play right away. Players have no shooting weapons, just grenades clingers, and explosives. Use these throwables to throw your opponent back to the lobby.

Team Rumble is also among the playlists and the only change to that is the “storm circle” will no longer be confined to the center of the map.

Epic has also stated that they will be rotating LTM’s every Thursdays and Saturdays.

V7.40 has brought in happy news and well as a lot of test game-play features this time around.

Are you happy with a free Battle Pass or is Apex Legends still your pick for the week? Let us know in the comments down below.



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