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Updated: 3 min ago

Update V7.40 Early Patch Notes Released!

The final week of season 7 is upon us. Epic has released a preview of what is to come in the V7.40 update. Ideally, patch notes are released during the “Server Downtime” for updates. In this edition of the update, Fortnite released a preview of whats to come in the next update without announcing the release date first.

With the update scheduled for this week, let’s take a look at what’s changes are made in this update.

Key Highlights of Update V7.40

x4-Stormwing Gets its Biggest nerf

The Majority number of players in the Fortnite community were voicing out their concerns with regards to the X4 being an over-powered addition to the game. Epic had been trying out a lot of changes to the X4 stromwing the past few updates but now the biggest change to the x4 stormwing will come into effect.

The X4-Stormwing will no longer be able to take down structures and buildings. Damage to structures and other buildings by driving a plane into it will no longer be a part of the game. Hopefully, this will control the madness “Planes” have brought into the game.

Major Changes to Ziplines

Now instead of the “tap to interact” with a zip line option, players now have a “hold to interact” option. Besides that, jumping off from a zip-line isn’t going to cause any fall damage to the players. Since the introduction of “Ziplines” Epic has been running into multiple bugs and glitches, now it looks they’re testing out a “No-fall” damage mode to ziplines.

Players who used the ziplines often bumped into each other causing all sorts of issues including falling from it and getting eliminated. After the release of this update, we will get a preview of how the gameplay is with “fall-damage” turned off while using zip lines.

Weapon Nerfs

Hand cannon’s damage value to structures has been decreased from 150 to 100. Players had previously been posting some ridiculous gameplay highlights of using the hand cannon first to take down a wall and then eliminating the opponent by switching to another gun. Henceforth, that will not be possible as an extra shot using the hand cannon might be needed to completely damage a structure.

The reload time for Rocket Launchers have been increased from 2.5 to 3.4 secs.  Firing back to back rockets has decreased from 4 rockets in 10 seconds to 3 rockets per in 10 seconds.

Crouch is Now Enabled While in “Edit” Mode

Epic will be introducing the “crouch” while in “edit” mode. Players who were struggling to enter those tight spaces to edit their structures will now have the option to crouch while in edit mode. As small as this may sound, players have been asking for this the past few seasons as it helps with the mobility aspect of the game.

Turbo Building is Now Faster

The delay between building structures has decreased from 0.15 seconds to 0.05 seconds. The overall time needed to build two pieces is now going to be 3x lesser. Expect pro-builders like Myth and Symfunny to post some insane build-fight montages very soon.

The update is scheduled to drop in sometime this week and for the first time, Epic has posted an early preview of what’s to come.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming changes? Do you think an early release of the update notes is the way to go? 

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