Fortnite v7.30 Patch Notes, Bottle Rockets Introduced and More

Patch notes of the latest update have been released by Fortnite. This edition of the V7.30 content did not have any server downtime and no extra download was required. Since this was a minor update, not many changes came with it. Let’s take a look at the key highlights of this week’s patch notes.

Bottle Rockets introduced as a New Item.

Epic released a hilarious video with the launch of the new “bottle rockets” item. Take a look at its game-play trailer here,

As you can see in the video, this new item is another one of those noisy weapons with the intention to create panic and chaos. These rockets keep firing at a medium range for 9 seconds and two can be placed at a time by the same player. Rockets can be picked up in stacks of 2 and a max stack of 6 can be carried.  A damage value of 10 has been assigned per hit.

Over the period of 9 seconds, 45 rockets are let loose with potential total damage of 450 if all of these rockets hit opponents.

Environmental Campfires Can Now be Found All Over the Map

Environmental Campfires can now be found at multiple locations all over the map. You can now interact with it directly and activate it to gain health. Campfires can only be used once. There will not be anyone wood in the campfire if it’s already been used.

Upon usage, 2 health/ sec is gained per player and the fire stays lit for 25 seconds.

Vaulted: Boom Box

Epic had recently introduced the “Boom-box”, an item that damaged structures and prevented players from building around it. In all honesty, this particular item wasn’t popular within the Fortnite community. Streamers were constantly complaining, stating that items that cause heavy damage to structures, reduces the skill-gap between players and makes the game unplayable.

Fortnite makers were quick enough to finally hear out the various issues with the Boom-box and they’ve now vaulted it. You can no longer find it in the regular modes and unless significant changes are made to that item, it won’t be making a return anytime soon.

Wild Duos: LTM is back!

The “no-automatic weapons” mode is back. In this mode, players are restricted to hunting rifles, explosives, and shotguns. Shields can only be found in the form of “Slurp Juice” in supply drops.

The “Double-Barrell shotgun” and the “revolver” both have been un-vaulted in this mode.

Architect Pop-Up Cup 

A change has been made to this event. You can no longer edit opponent structures in this mode.

Epic had initially stated that the “edit” feature on opponent structures was among the many “game-play features” they’re testing out in the coming months. As of now, they’ve removed that ability and might be bringing it other test features in its next update.

What are your thoughts on the Boom-box being vaulted? Is the bottle rockets any different from the Boom-box? Comment and share your thoughts on this v7.30 content update. 







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