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Fortnite 7.20 Patch Notes is Now Available, Glider-Redeploy Introduced

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It’s that time of the season, update V7.20 is now available for download on all platforms. Like previous updates, you won’t be able to play the game unless the latest update in installed. All major bugs and glitches have been addressed and other improvements to game have been made.

Let’s take a look at the changes  V7.20 has brought to the game,

 Here are the new weapons and items introduced:

Scoped Revolver:  As the name suggests, a new long shot revolver has been introduced and it comes equipped with a scope. The scoped revolver causes damage worth 40/42 per shot.

Patch 7.20
A look at the Scoped Revolver through its scope.

The revolver can be found in chests and other ground loot, it comes in epic and legendary variants. Glider Re-deploy:  Glider Re-deploy is now available as an item and takes up one slot from the inventory space. This item can be used 10 times and does not have to be selected for it to be used. Instead, tapping the “jump” button while in mid-air re-activates glider re-deploy.

Fortnite Patch 7.20
Fortnite Patch 7.20

The re-deploy item can be found in ground loot and chests. Though it takes up a slot, the item disappears after being used 10 times.  Previously, Epic did promise that it would re-implement the glider re-deploy in all of its modes. Introducing it as an item is smart and prevents players from over-using the re-deploy feature.

Nerfs to Existing Weapons: 

  • The mini-gun now comes with an over-heating cap of six seconds, after which the weapon has to cool down to be used again.
  • Rarity colors have been changed from Epic to Rare for balloons, scoped AR, and the stink bomb.
  • All sniper rifles and the hunting rifle have the exact same trajectory as the “Heavy sniper rifle”.
  • Icy feet and zip lines, both have first shot accuracy enabled.
  • Unfortunately! On a sadder note, the Max capacity of small shields per slot has been decreased from 10 to 6.

These are the changes Epic has implemented to its existing items and weapons. This update was crucial for Fortnite as the game was infested with bugs and glitches. Streamers were threatening to change loyalties from this game and Epic has done a good job with regards to fixing all major issues that were brought up during the holiday season.

Here are the key changes made to Fortnite’s gameplay and the various bug fixes,

  • Players can now change directions while using a zip line without needing to jump.
  • An extra decimal value has been added to the controller/mouse sensitivity, enabling players to fine-tune their sensitivity values even further
  • Vehicle damage on a player will take his shield out first instead of directly impacting the player’s health.
  • Issues with the re-deploy not working while ejecting from the X4-Stormwing has been fixed.
  • Not being able to destroy boom-boxes in certain situations has been fixed
  • Damage number accidentally showed player damage instead of plane damage, this has been addressed and fixed, specifically for the mounted turret.
  • Taking damage twice while being hit by a vehicle has been fixed.

Other important updates included in the V7.20 updates:

Tournaments are coming back for all players and “significant” changes have been made to accommodate the changes made to the game via this update. While playing a tournament, players will be removed from spectator list 60 seconds after they’ve been eliminated. While spectating any match you can now see the amount of materials the player has. So yes, V7.20 is probably one of the biggest updates Epic has rolled out mid-season. Epic employees had taken a well-deserved breaking during the holiday-season and that led to multiple bugs and glitches in the past weeks. From the patch notes, Epic has addressed almost every concern that was being voiced out. Kudos to them and hopefully a much smoother game-play is on the horizon.

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