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Track Your Favorite Fortnite Streamers – Proxima

Ever wanted to track your favorite Fortnite streamers and Esports players? A new site has launched that gives you an intensive tracking of every player. As well as watching streamers, you can use more advanced searches that Twitch offers, jump from streamer to streamer without missing any of the action, and even zero in on Fortnite streamers in a late-game situation.

Fortnite streaming has become a bit more complicated recently. As Ninja has moved over to the Microsoft platform Mixer, a lot of his fellow streamers have gone over there too. You can’t just load up twitch and expect to find everything anymore. On top of that, Twitch’s functionality is beginning to feel a little dated. You can struggle to find a decent stream or be stuck sitting through a player’s loading screen.  Proxima is a site designed to deal with these problems, to help you find the right stream, track your favorite Fortnite streamer, and most importantly, never sit through a boring bit of a stream again.

With a bit of help, you can effortlessly switch between one rage-inducing late-game run-in with B.R.U.T.E and another.

Finding Your Favorite Fortnite Streamers on Proxima

Track Your Favourite Fortnite Streamers and Players with Proxima

The search function allows you to find your favorite streamer. However, it features filters dividing by game. This currently covers PUBG and Fortnite. You can also narrow down your search by language. This search functionality is a bit of an improvement over Twitch’s. Their current way of ordering streams by game can be frustrating and make it difficult to find streamers that are actually doing something you’re interested in.

Once you find that favorite Fortnite streamer you can lock their video into place.  Making it easy to track your favorite Fortnite streamer. This search function is going to be really useful now that the streamer platforms are dividing up the talent. Previously, you could just hit up Twitch or YouTube. This isn’t the case anymore. With Mixer and other services starting to take away talent, it can be more difficult to switch between your favorite Fortnite streamers on the fly.

Proxima keeps every streamer in one place. This way you can effortlessly switch between streamers and tell if they’re online without moving through Twitch’s often laggy interface. Twitch routinely runs at a frames per second rate that would cripple anyone actually playing, you can cut out some of this frustration.

Proxima Only Shows You Action

Proxima is the NFL Rezone for Esports. Basically, you never have to sit through the dull bits of a game again.

If you’re a regular viewer of streams, you know there’s a lot of downtime. Between loading screens, chat view viewers, and the early game looting, most Fortnite streamers end up with a bad ratio of action to downtime. With Proxima, you can find the streams currently in the game-winning situation while keeping an eye on your favorite streamer. This way, you’re not entirely bored while waiting for their game to pick up a bit.

Track Your Favourite Fortnite Streamers and Players with Proxima


This works quite simply. Once you’ve locked your favorite streamer into place, you can find other streams. Your feed will be kept open, and the platform ill display game-winning feeds to your specification for you to switch to once your stream enters a slower period. The end-game stage of a Fortnite game is really the most interesting bit. By locking streams into place you can continuously switch to games entering the end-game, giving you an instant highlight reel for your favorite Fortnite streamers and players.

The layout can then be switched around within the site, giving you control over the way you see each stream. Switching between various streamers to watch the more interesting ones have never been easier.

While Fortnite streamers are at the top of their game since the start of Season 10, you can filter in other games like PUBG too. Rather than searching around Twitch’s interface for each game, you can quickly filter down Fortnite and get a quick view of which streamers are doing anything interesting.

Between the highlight, and the ability to find game-winning streamers you’re never going to have to watch a boring stream.

Proxima Still Helps Streamers

Proxima is a free service that really enhances your experience watching Fortnite streamers. However, an elephant in the room might be supporting your favorite streamer. They need those views to keep going. Proxima still counts your viewing as one viewer for Twitch, nothing on your streamer’s end will be any different. On top of this, allowing you to move between streams actually lets you support multiple streamers at once!

If you’re a regular viewer of Fortnite streams, you need to check out Proxima so you can see the only action in your streams!

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