Fortnite Tournament – Top Athletes Earnings – July 2019 Update

The Katowice Royale 2019 just got over last week and half a million USD was distributed between the top positions. Tfue did not participate in this tournament hence he’s lost the top spot as the highest earning Fortnite player via tournaments. Significant changes have happened in the past week with a lot of new names coming into the mix.

Without further adieu, lets take a look at the top Fortnite players as per the tournament winnings. Don’t forget to bookmark this page, we’ve added the social media links for all the players.


  • Total Earnings: $501,525
  • Nationality: USA

Timothy Miller A.k.a Ghost Bizzle has officially overtaken Tfue to reach the top spot in total tournament earnings. His appearance and finishes in the Katowice royale 2019 rewarded him with enough prize money to go above Tfue by roughly  8000$. This year is going to be a hot race with Tfue and Bizzle.


  • Total Earnings: $493,925
  • Nationality: USA

Arguably the best Fortnite player in the planet, Tfue is now second on the list as he missed out on this years’ Katowice Royale. Tfue opted to skip the event in Poland and thus will have to fight Bizzle to get that top spot back. As previously mentioned, the difference is a mere $8k and can change in the next tournament.


  • Total Earnings: $418,650
  • Nationality : USA

Dennis Lapore A.k.a Cloak also missed the Katowice royale and thus dropped a spot to 3rd on this list. Cloak is also famous for his twitch streams and is earning big bucks on a daily basis via lengthy streams featuring other streamers as well. Tfue and cloak can often be spotted playing together both casually and in tournaments.

4. Natehill

  • Total Earnings: $340,825
  • Nationality: USA

Nate Hill is 4th in the list and has been a consistent performer since the introduction of competitive Fortnite. You can catch him live on Twitch almost everyday and has huge set of supporters rooting for him throughout his streams. Follow him more on social media as he is quite frequent in posting updates about his day to day activity.

5. Poach

  • Total Earnings: $324,225
  • Nationality: USA

Jake Brumleve a.k.a Poach plays for team Liquid and is quite a household name when it comes to Fortnite. He can be spotted playing alongside his teammate 72hrs on Twitch. Poach was one of the most sought after players until team liquid signed him up last year. He can be spotted for almost all ranking based competitions in Fortnite.

6. 72Hrs

  • Total Earnings: $312,450
  • Nationality : USA

Thomas Mulligan a.k.a 72Hrs is also a part of team Liquid and is just below their highest earner Poach. The competition between 72 hrs and Poach is marginal in terms of competitive earnings. Team Liquid has three solid players up there in the top 10 and all of them compliment each in many ways while playing together. Be sure to follow 72hours on all his social media platforms.


  • Total earnings: $278,850
  • Nationality : USA

Noah Wright a.k.a Vivid is third in the list of highest earning players from Team Liquid. Noah made a name for himself when he won a duos event in Fortnite summer skirmish week 1. Ever since then, he’s been on the lookout by many e-Sports associations but finally signed for Team Liquid. Follow him on him social media handles and check out his Fortnite settings to know more about Vivid.


  • Total Earnings: $273,264
  • Nationality: Nederlands

Mitr0 is the highest earning “non-USA” Fortnite player. He is rated by many the best European player in the competitive circuit. Team Atlantis was quick enough to spot his talent and have signed him onto their team.  Mitro is from Nederlands and is very active in appearing for European related esports tournaments. In fact he is the only player in the top 10 list that isn’t from USA. Majority of the Fortnite tournaments are held in USA and to still get your name in the “top 10” is highly commendable.


  • Total Earnings: $269,000
  • Nationality: USA

Austin Etue a.k.a Morgausse is one among the many young guns who blew up in 2018. He clutched up at Pax west for the Skirmish and ended up winning the tournament. Since then, he’s been a household name in the Fortnite community. He often posts highlight montages that include some insane plays. Drop by his twitch channel to see some  of his aggressive gameplay.


  • Total Earnings: $241,445
  • Nationality: USA

Ryan Chaplo a.k.a Chap signed for team Liquid in June last year. He’s been climbing up the ranks ever since he signed a contract. He can be spotted streaming with pro Fortnite players almost on a daily basis. Chap uploads  his tournament highlights on YouTube regularly and uses Twitch to stream daily. Meanwhile, with Chap also in the mix, Team Liquid looks they have done some good recruiting for Fortnite in the past one year.

These the the top-athletes in the competitive scene as of now.  With the Fortnite world cup coming soon, all of these players are going to be on the grind all day. Make sure you bookmark this page and check each and every one of these streamers out.

Who’s your favorite player from this list? Will Tfue take the top spot back by the end of this year?

Post your thoughts and comments below.

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