Top 10 Competitive & Highest Earning Fortnite Players

Who are the top professional Fortnite players in the world?

We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the top Fortnite players based on their total tournament earnings. Fortnite competitions paid tournament winners a total of 20+ million USD in 2018 alone. Only DOTA and CS:GO managed to pay more than Fortnite in total prize money.

The popularity of eSports continues to grow year over year and that trend does not seem to be subsiding anytime soon. Here’s a look at one of the most recent Fortnite tournaments. The ending was pure chaos and it’s easy to see how these events garner so many viewers.

Let’s take a look at who earned the most via Fortnite-hosted tournaments.

Top 10 Fortnite Players Based on Tournament Winnings:

1. Turner Tenney (TFUE)

TFUE had the most successful year as far as tournaments are concerned. He was the most consistent performer throughout every stage and in almost every tournament he participated in.

Tfue earned upwards of $460k USD in 2018  alone. Tfue has won 8 tournaments, came second in 5 and has several top 10 finishes.  His success in competitive Fortnite paved the way to his successful streaming career. TFUE is part of the popular FAZE clan.

2. Dennis Lapore (CLOAK)

Cloak recently won a duos tournament carrying his partner (TFue) for the win, in what was the final match of the tournament. Like Tfue, he’s also part of the FAZE clan.

Cloak isn’t far behind TFue and has earned $418k USD in winnings, in 2018 alone. Cloak has won 6 tournaments and has finished runner-up 4 times. Just behind Tfue, Cloak is also considered one of the hottest commodities in Fortnite.

3. Timothy Miller (Bizzle)

Bizzle is the highest earning Fortnite player in the “Ghost Gaming” clan. Bizzle won a whopping $250K USD when he finished 2nd in the Fortnite Skirmish Series-week 8.

Bizzle has earned a total of $400K playing tournaments and is an integral part of the ghost gaming clan. He won 2 tournaments and has finished as a runner-up 5 times.

4. Nate Hill (NateHill)

Currently, with the FAZE Clan, Nate Hill has finished in the “top 3” a total of 9 times in all major Fortnite tournaments. Apart from Fortnite, Nate is a man of many talents, he’s been a Fashion model since 2012 and has picked up on singing as well.

Nate has won a total upwards of $340K USD playing Fortnite tournaments. He’s won 3 tournaments and has come second 5 times.

5. Jake Brumleve (POACH)

POACH is considered as the best player in the game by many and he has the stats to back it up. In the competitive scene, he’s the highest earning member playing Fortnite from “Team Liquid”.

Poach has earned $320k USD playing Fortnite tournaments. He was won Fortnite tournaments only twice but has finished in the top 3 a total of 5 times in various tournaments hosted in 2018.

6. Thomas Mulligan (72hrs)

72hrs is a part of the famous ‘Team Liquid’, alongside previously mentioned “Poach”. He is just behind Poach in total Fortnite earnings. 72Hrs has earned a total of $302K USD in Fortnite winnings.

He has won a tournament just once, but he has finished in the “top 3” a total of 4 times. The race for who earns the most in the Liquid team is surely going to heat-up this year.

7. Austin Etue (Morgausse)


Austin made a name for himself when he pocketed $25k by winning the “Fortnite skirmish series – week 8” edition. He is a free agent at the moment and E-sports teams are already making a note of this skilled young player.

Morgausse has won a tournament once and finished in the top three twice. He has earned himself a total of $266k USD through tournament winnings.

8. Dmitri Van De Vrie (Mitr0)

Dmitri is the only non-USA from the this list. He’s a dutch Fortnite player and has been doing well in Fortnite, well enough to earn himself a spot in this list. Dmitri plays from Team Atlantis and is the highest earned of his clan.

Dmitri has earned over $250k USD in 2018 through Fortnite tournaments. He’s won a tournament 5 times and has been placed in the “top 3” thrice.

9. Ryan Chaplo (Chap)

A popular member of Team Liquid, Chap has won multiple tournaments to enter this list of top 10 earners of 2018. Chap had won the “Fortnite skirmish series – week 5”. This win is what vaulted him up the Fortnite rankings.

Chap has earned over $237k USD last year. He won 3 tournaments and placed himself in the “top 3” a total of 4 times.

10. Noah Wright (Vivid)

Vivid is surprisingly on the bottom of this elite list, but this member team liquid has won a total of 6 tournaments played across 2018. Being a familiar face in Fortnite, he’s been spotted playing duos with other pro-players on various streams.

Vivid has won a total of $336K USD, that’s just 1000$ behind his teammate “Chap”. Vivid has won 6 tournaments and has been placed in the “top 3” a total of 6 times.

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