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The Best Xbox One Fortnite Settings

Fortnite is primarily played on PC. This is the platform which gives you the most control over your frames per second and your quality in game. However, Fortnite is available on consoles. While it is far from the ideal place to be playing if you’re really skilled, Xbox has already held its own exclusive Fortnite tournaments! This might not be a one-off. If you want to compete in these, you need to be using the best Xbox One Fortnite Settings.

While a controller is a bit more limited and the console itself caps your performance, you can still improve. It won’t take much adjustment to use the best Xbox One Fortnite settings. This should allow you to achieve a stable frame rate and build just as quickly as you can on a keyboard. The Xbox also allows you to use a mouse and keyboard, if you want to meet the two control styles in the middle.

Using a Mouse and Keyboard in Xbox One Fortnite

Xbox One FortniteIt is easy to play Fortnite with a mouse and keyboard as long as your equipment is compatible. Any USB mouse or keyboard can be easily hooked up to an Xbox One’s USB ports. In the top right of your screen, an icon confirming your control scheme should be visible.

The USB ports are at the back of the console and only one is on the front. Whichever of your mouse and key has a shorter wire might be better off being plugged in the front.

The Best Xbox Fortnite Settings

Whenever you’re adjusting your in-game settings for Fortnite, you’re trying to achieve stability at the expense of visual quality. It might not look the best with these Xbox One Fortnite settings, but it will run the best. This is important if you want to increase your chances of winning. These are the best in-game settings for Fortnite on Xbox One.

For a console, your FPS is typically capped at 60. However, most players don’t consistently even get that. These settings should help you always get 60 FPS when running Fortnite. This is going to be achieved a lot easier on the Xbox One X. However, even the inside of a standard Xbox One is capable of achieving a solid 60 FPS.

  • Motion Blur –Off. This helps with your field of view.
  • Sprint by Default –On. This way you can use L3 as a specific button.
  • Sprint Cancels Reloading –Off.
  • Hold to Swap Pickup –Off.
  • Toggle Targeting –Off.
  • Reset Building Choice –On.
  • Aim Assist –On.
  • Edit Aim Assist –Off.
  • Turbo Building –On.
  • Auto-Open Doors– Off.
  • Auto Pick Up Weapons –Off.
  • Builder Pro: Build Immediately– On. This takes a bit of time to get used to, but it really helps you build quicker.

The Best Xbox One Fortnite Settings and Sensitivities

Xbox One Fortnite

Those Xbox One Fortnite settings will help you achieve a stable frame rate. However, you should also adjust your sensitivities for in-game aiming and movement. This is key to aiming well in close or long-range combat. The important thing is to stick with a sensitivity long enough to build up muscle memory using it.

Aim and Movement

The sensitivity of your crosshairs in Fortnite will depend upon personal preference. However, while a lower sensitivity and big mouse pad is often an advantage for PC users, if you’re using an Xbox controller then it isn’t this easy. A higher sensitivity will allow you to make quicker movements when aiming, both from the hip and especially down the sights. However, this may take some time to get used to.

  • Aiming Down the Sights – Higher than the standard amount, try to get it two-thirds of the way towards the max, or as high as you can manage without making too many mistakes.
  • Scoped Sensitivity – This sensitivity is okay to be kept lower. While aiming down a scope, you should be able to make careful precise movements without having to worry about overshooting your target because of too high sensitivity.


  • Editing Sensitivity –This should be set really high for responsive aiming. This helps you make quick edits without sacrificing accuracy while building.
  • Editing Layout –If you have a controller with controller paddles, then this a great place to edit quicker on Xbox One. It is much easier to edit in general if you’re using a pro controller with paddles on the back. Otherwise, you should try to map editing to a different button to make this easier to perform quickly.

Other Xbox One Fortnite Changes

A simple change is to use a wired internet connection. This is considerably more stable and less prone to lag. You can’t use the best Xbox One Fortnite settings if your internet connection is dipping. It is weird how often this is overlooked, it is one of the most important things to get better frames per second playing Fortnite on Xbox One.

With a wired connection and playing with a mouse and keyboard, you can get your Xbox One Fortnite experience pretty close to using a PC!

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