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Fortnite Chapter 2’s biggest change has to be its brand new map. The big changes to the game seem to have piqued everyone’s interest, bringing Fortnite to a new height of popularity. However, the new map also takes some getting used too. The game pushes you to explore every section of the map with its medals system. Although, you need to put in quite a lot of time before you’re familiar with it. Since the new map is going to take a long time for most players to know it as well as the old one, it doesn’t hurt to get acquainted with the major POIs and locations. This guide covers the best landing spots in Chapter 2, to get you up to speed quickly.

Since there isn’t a backlog of knowledge about this map, everything is a bit new. The validity of certain spots for landing is going to change as the season progresses. As the new map settles in, we’ll see players begin to concrete in certain POIs as they previously did with Tilted and Retail Row. However, until then you’re going to need a plan for some of the best places o land in Chapter 2. Certain spots have considerably more loot or a better concentration for their size. This has made them good Landing Spots in Chapter 2.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Map Guide

Before we cover the specific POIs it’s worth noting some general things about this new map.

  • It is less crowded than before. There isn’t anywhere near as many big structures. This returns gameplay to the more spread out feel of earlier seasons.
  • The Rivers are everywhere. Water is the main way to get about this season, don’t avoid the water out of Chapter 1 muscle memory.
  • There aren’t as many smaller landing spots. These were abundant in different seasons of the original map, not so much this time around.
  • A lot of games still have pretty unpredictable landing spots. Too many players are still experimenting to be sure of where most will land. Remember to stay aware of other players as you land.

The Best Landing Spots in Chapter 2

These are some of the best landing spots in Chapter 2. These feature plenty of loot and defendable positions.

The Best Solo Landing Spots in Chapter 2 – E.G.O Science Station

The Best Landing Spots in Chapter

This is an odd landing spot. It is a great landing spot in Chapter 2 for solo players, one of the few. However, it might not have enough loot for a full squad. Since it is quite small you’re unlikely to run into many other players. This is a great spot to land at if you’re after a quiet start. It is right next to a river too, allowing you to get away pretty quickly. Boats spawn at this location, giving you great mobility. The water is the key to movement this season, so this should make positioning for the first few rounds of the storm a breeze.

The Best Team Landing Spots in Chapter 2 – Steamy Stacks

The Best Landing Spots in Chapter

This is the power plant on the map. It is in the north-East Corner. Its inners are relatively maze-like and perfect for shotgun warfare. It features more than enough loot for solo players and should accommodate a fair few teams. You’ll need to take out a player or two to sweep the entire building, but there is usually more than enough loot here for the players that go for it.

The Best Team Landing Spots in Chapter 2 – Camp Cod

The Best Landing Spots in Chapter

This POI is located in the South-East. It is particularly themed after the new fishing mechanic that is in the game. This isn’t a specifically named section on the map, but it is pretty big. There is enough loot for an entire team and a weapons upgrade bench. If the storm is co-operative, this spot could give you the materials for a fully upgraded load out when landing.

A Defendable Landing Spot – Eye Land

The Best Landing Spots in Chapter

Eye land sits in the middle of an island in the new map. It features quite a lot of loot which makes it a pretty good landing spot. However, this is also a weirdly defendable area. While that is something more associated with PUBG than Fortnite, it is possible to use this place as a stronghold in the late game. There is also a boat that spawns around here, so mobility isn’t a problem.

Retail Row

This is a classic location that made the transition from Map 1 to Map 2. It is pretty much the same as it was. Mega Mall is nowhere to be seen. Since this is a familiar spot, it is usually crowded with players looking for a taste of home. This is a great place to land if you’re after a fight or want to practice your firing. Retail Row is one of the best landing spots in Chapter 2 to get eliminations.

These are the best places to land on the Fortnite Chapter 2 map Each should be able to set a player or team up with enough loot that they need to come out of games on top. However, if you really want to push ahead in Chapter 2 then you need to make sure that your settings are optimized and you’re getting the best frames per second possible.

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