The Best Fortnite Stats Trackers

The in-game options for keeping track of your own Fortnite stats are a little lacking. They barely give you any information. That’s why so many people use Fortnite stats trackers. A decent tracker is going to give you much more detailed information about your own performance and that of your favorite streamers and pro players.

However, there are a lot of Fortnite stats trackers out there which are mainly looking for you to click on their site and nothing more. A bloated page loads up with links to all sort of clickbait and a difficult process to look at your own stats. Basically, not all Fortnite Stats Trackers are created equal. So how do you tell which is the Best Fortnite stats tracker?

Well, first it needs to tell you a bit more than the standard Fortnite in-game stats. If a tracker can’t offer anything more than the Epic launcher itself does, what’s the point in using it? It should also let you look up the stats of big players, streamers or even your friends. As long as you have an Epic name for the user, you should be able to do a quick comparison of stats. With all of that in mind, what is the best Fortnite stats tracker?

Best Fortnite Settings Tracker

best fortnite stat tracker

Obviously, we’re a bit biased but our tracker gives you the option of looking up every player in the game and seeing how their stats compare. As well as in-depth stats though, you get to see the player’s key binds and settings. With this kind of information, you can see exactly how much better one player is than another and why. Their settings and keybinds might be what is setting them apart.

You can also get in-depth stats on your own gameplay. Your settings are split up into their results in different game modes. This even includes the new Trios game mode!

If you’re looking for the best Fortnite Stats tracker, then our tracker can not only give you the same information about performance but some context about what they use to get those stats.

Tracker Network – One of The Best Fortnite Stats Trackers

The Tracker Network Fortnite Stats Tracker is pretty useful. Its main feature is giving you quite a few different leaderboards to place yourself on. You can look up how you compare to a wide leaderboard or even check it regionally.

The main thing stopping this being the best Fortnite stats tracker, is the regional leaderboards are better in theory than execution. It has a pretty limited ability to actually register what region each player is in. This makes this Fortnite stats tracker ambitious but ultimately quite flawed since the information it gives isn’t the most accurate.

Fortnite Scout

Best Fortnite Stats Tracker

Fortnite Scout is one of the best Fortnite trackers since it offers a nice visualization of all of your Fortnite data! It conveniently places your stats into some cool graphs making it easier to read your information.

The downside of this Fortnite stats tracker is outside of that it is a bit barebones. Its leader boards are not very well developed and don’t give much insight. While you can check some stats for your favorite players, you can’t also check their settings and Keybinds. Maybe you already knew Ninja was a really good player, but this site won’t help you learn why.

Fortnite Stats

Best Fortnite Stats Tracker

Fortnite Stats is a pretty barebones tracker, but with some simplicity, it is one of the best Fortnite stats trackers. It offers some good leaderboards with all the information you’re going to need and a fairly accurate way of looking up your own stats! Like a lot of the Fortnite Stats Trackers available, the problem is execution. The web page itself doesn’t seem to like being used in some browsers. The picture shown is of the website running when the page is co-docked with another window. It freaked the website out and rendered it unreadable. You have to wonder how it would even function if you were quickly comparing two stats on your phone?

You also can’t look up your favorite player’s settings. While it functions fine if you only want to use it for particular tasks, it isn’t exactly perfect.

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