Tfue Vs Ninja, KSI’s Vlogs about The Rivalry

This past week has been all about Tfue being called a “hacker” by Ninja. In a recent stream, Ninja was eliminated by an insane quick-snipe and he did not know it was Tfue at that moment. Ninja and his squad were under the assumption that a hacker was in their lobby. It wasn’t a hacker, it was probably the best Fortnite player on the planet who got him.
At the end of the day, being called a hacker is a compliment as it suggests unreal perfection with regards to speed and aim. Tfue even posted a video on YouTube of the match and labeled the video “Ninja accuses me of hacking”. It’s actually quite hilarious and can be seen below.
And thus started the whole “Ninja Vs Tfue” argument. 
Ninja recently got his 5000th win on Fortnite and became the first PC player to achieve the same. Apart from this, Ninja is on the verge of reaching 100k eliminations in the game, he’s right behind HighDistortion (Pro-Fortnite player). At the time of writing this post, HighDistortion leads by exactly 1000 kills.
Source: Fortnitetracker.com
Follow the race to 100k here.
Tfue at the same time does not have stats that match up to Ninja. He is considered the best competitive player and has the accolades to show it. Tfue recently won the Korea Open 2018 with his partner KittyPlays and had also won a duos event for Fall skirmish in October 2018 with FaZe_ Cloak.
With regards to tournament winnings and other competitive highlights, Tfue is way ahead of Ninja. Ninja has now been participating in a very select number of tournaments, as he prefers to spend 8-10 hours a day streaming from his massive workstation at home.
Ninja attracts 70k viewers on a daily basis, a figure that no one else manages to get so consistently. Because of this, sponsors are queuing up to get their products on Ninja’s stream. Now, one can understand Ninja isn’t really bothered about competitive earnings, as it contributes to a fraction of what Ninja is making while streaming on Twitch.

KSI joins in with his opinion 

Firstly, here’s the link to a typical KSI “review” of the battle between the Fortnite Titans.


This topic was so talked about that, celebrity YouTube vlogger KSI decided to vlog on the same.
KSI’s vlog is actually the best narration of the incident found on the internet. He features both player POV’s and rips into each one of their mistakes. He features three 1v1 between Ninja and Tfue, 2 out of the three Tfue eliminates Ninja and Tfue dies to fall damage once.
From the clips mentioned above, Tfue literally had the upper hand in 1v1 stats. Ninja defends himself stating if he had known it was Tfue he would have approached the fight in a more aggressive way.
Ninja does have a point in what he says. In one of the encounters Ninja had thought he was in battle with a hacker, in such cases it’s only logical to play a defensive. Had he known it was Tfue, he would have put on a completely different show.


Overall career stats show that Ninja is better at the game, but Tfue is more into competitive play and looks like he’s heading for more accolades.
KSI feels at the moment Tfue is the best in the game and better than Ninja. Obviously, he’s based his opinions on the three 1v1 encounters. Apart from that, you can see Ninja hyping-up Tfue’s aim by stating that Tfue always hits his shots. Even while Tfue died to fall damage he managed to land 20 damage on Ninja with a headshot.

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