Surprise Fortnite Update – V11.40.3 and NFL Skins

Fortnite has had its first season of Chapter 2 extended by what is beginning to feel like an eternity. Epic recently detailed why the extensions had been made and what was in the future for the game. However, despite making it clear that the next major update wasn’t coming until February, making some big skins available seems to have been more important. A surprise Fortnite patch has been revealed today. The V11.40.3 patch has dropped, it doesn’t contain all too many changes, but it will definitely be interesting for those who like to collect skins and cosmetics.

This Fortnite update was a complete surprise, but definitely a welcome one. The gameplay changes are limited to ‘maintenance work’. This is a welcome addition to the game and would go a long way towards keeping players happy if it were more common. Restoring of semi-broken features in-between updates is always good news, so the V11.40.3 update is a good move. Aside from this, the changes are mainly cosmetic.

If you’re looking for the rarest skins, it is always good to keep an eye out for limited-time skins. The ones introduced in this new update give a lot of different opens. You’ve got quite a choice of styles. These might not be particularly rare at the moment, but anything that is unlikely to reappear in the shop regularly has the potential to be rare in the future.

Changes in the V11.40.3 Update

Fortnite V11.40.3 Patch Notes

These are all of the major changes in the latest update. There isn’t too much to report on since the next actual update isn’t expected for at least another week, but you should know that some features are now back in the game. So, if you’ve been adjusting your rotation to accommodate the lack of movement options, you might be able to change things up again.

  • Ziplines – These have been re-enabled! You can finally use the ziplines again to get around a bit faster.
  • Editing Through floors – A bug has been fixed to sort out this pesky problem of unintentional edits.
  • Fixed PC Sound bugs
  • Fixed Overtime Challenges Bugs
  • Other Bug Fixes – There have been some other various bug fixes. However, most of these are pretty minor and players may not have even noticed the quirks in the first place.

These are the changes and alterations that have taken place in the Fortnite V11.40.3 update. The only major change is the reintroduction of Ziplines. Outside of this, the update has brought some new skin styles and the return of some pretty popular past skins.

NFL Skin Styles

Fortnite V11.40.3 Patch Notes

NFL themed skins have been introduced to Fortnite before. It makes sense. Fans of specific teams enjoy representing that in Fortnite, and some just like the look. Fortnite is even pretty popular among actual NFL players, with the lines between esports and sports becoming a bit more blurred.

The NFL skins released before the V11.40.3 update were really pretty popular. Epic has brought them back, but with a few changes. This time around it is to celebrate the latest Super Bowl. The Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots will be getting all-white versions of these skins to commemorate the game! These are going to be one-off skins, so if you’re looking for exclusive outfits then these are a great choice. They’re going to be available from Feb 1 at 7 PM E.T. They’re unlikely to be around for all that long though. The Super Bowl is taking place on Feb 3, so they won’t be hanging around for too long after that.

Fortnite is due to have some big changes coming up, including moving to a brand new engine. In the meantime, it is a great chance to work on the fundamentals, like aiming, rotation, and building, to get prepared for the next season.

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