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Season 9 Overtime Challenges Guide

The end of Season 9 of Fortnite is fast approaching. While fresh content is still arriving regularly to the game, the promise of a new season just around the corner has definitely been a bit distracting. Season 9 Overtime challenges have just appeared in-game. These challenges give you the chance to earn some more rewards in the short window we have left. If you want to make the most out of the game before it switches over to a new map, then these Season 9 overtime challenges are for you!

These challenges have to be completed by the end of the season. While we don’t have a date as of yet, it will be any day now. This makes time very important for completing the Season 9 overtime challenges. The rewards are styles which will never be seen again, so if you want to get them you need to do these challenge as soon as possible!

Season 9 Overtime Challenges

Season 9 Overtime Challenges

Reach Battle Pass Tier 23, Tier 71, and Tier 87

These challenges seem a little arbitrary but chances are you’ve already hit these tiers. If you haven’t, then the only strategy here is to play more Fortnite and rack up some points to go up the tiers.

Get 25 eliminations with Friends

To qualify for this challenge, you need to be playing with Epic friends rather than just players auto-filled into your Duos match. It is a little trickier than just aiming straight though. You and your friend have to both take part in the elimination for it to count. It might be easiest to find a friend who also needs to complete this challenge before attempting it. LTM modes can make this a bit easier with their higher rate of eliminations.

Damage Opponents with Shotguns

For this challenge, you need to do 2,500 damage with shotguns! This one should be self-explanatory. You need to be skilled at close-quarter combat if you want to succeed in this daily challenge. You can make it easier on yourself by using shotguns to achieve the other challenges, taking out two birds with one stone.

Season 9 Overtime Challenges

Visit Loot Lake, Polar Peak, and Pressure Plant

This one should be easily done.

Revive a Friend in Three Different Matches

Like the eliminations challenge, this needs to be done with an Epic friend, not a stranger. The easiest way to do this is to purposefully take fall damage with a friend and heal each other when downed.

Dance at a Monster Skeleton

Head to a monster skeleton and fire off a dancing emote. This is an easy one really. The skeleton is located between Salty Springs, Dusty Divot, and Neo Tilted.

Difficult Season 9 Overtime Challenges

Place in the Top 15 in Duos or Squads with a Friend

With an Epic friend, you need to place in the top 15 five times! You should be able to achieve a lot of while attempting the other, with a friend over time challenges.

Season 9 Overtime Challenges

Deal Damage with SMGs to Opponents

You need to deal 2,500 damage with SMGs to opponents. This one is a bit of a hassle but achievable given the common sightings of SMGs.

Score a Goal in an Indoor Soccer Pitch

This challenge is a really simple one but it has strangely got some players confused. It is very easy to do as long as you make it to the soccer pitch, which is located inside the building on the road between Snobby Shores and Neo Tilted.

These Season 9 Overtime challenges don’t take too much work as long as you’re willing to work with a friend. If you’re really struggling, make sure you’re using the best Fortnite settings and getting the best frames per second possible in the game.

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