News: Fortnite Season 8 Week 3 Challenges Leaked & 2 Maps Reveal

Data miners have been at it again and the complete challenge list for week 3 has been leaked. Ideally, it takes more than a week for the next set of challenges to be available, but twitter user @Lucas7Yoshi had stumbled upon the files describing next week’s challenges.

In case you’re still stuck on week 2 challenges, here’s our cheat sheet on completing all of them.

Fortnite Season 8 – Week 3 Challenges, Complete List!

Here’s the list in short:

  • Deal damage while using a zipline and while the opponent is on the zipline.
  • Sniper Rifle and SMG eliminations.
  • Chest hunting at Sunny steps or Fatal Fields.
  • Use the baller in different matches.
  • Search for a magnifying glass using hints from the treasure loading screen.
  • Use multiple trap slot items in a single match.
  • Multiple “land at” challenges with 5 stages.

The “baller” item mentioned among the challenges is not an emote. This means that a new item is set to launch in the next update.

The Zipline challenges seems to be the one that’s going to take time. Similar to the “deal damage using cannon ball pirates” and damaging opponents on vehicles challenges from previous weeks.

Insane “Scorpion King” Themed Creative Map Now Available for Users to Play on!

YouTuber Prudiz created this insane new map and it’s been doing the rounds on the internet. Two massive ice sculptures can be spotted in this map. One’s a scorpion king and the other pretty much looks like the Ice King from previous seasons.

Since majority of the maps memory has been used on the design of these two sculptures, harvesting material in this map is a bit challenging. For a “No-building” free for all mode, this map looks like one of the best creative creations available to users.

Here’s the code to this map 4142-4175-5485.

Selage’s Aiming, Shooting and Editing Practice Course

Besides using creative maps for hosting various mini-games, there are maps that are designed as practice courses to help you improve on certain aspects of the game. This map shown in the above video is created by a practice course creative map specialist. Creative content mastermind, Selage, creates multiple maps every now and then depending on new items Epic adds to its creative mode.

The above-mentioned map is specifically designed to help with this season’s challenges. Among the many stages included in the map, one involves moving sentry bots and vehicles. A lot of users were struggling to track their aim when it comes to moving opponents. This map helps you improve your aim and will help you with aim-tracking opponents who are trying to escape using launch pads or vehicles.

There’s a specific section in the map that concentrates solely on aim tracking exercises.

This map is also controller- friendly, which means that objects in the map are aim-assist enabled. This means that you can practice using aim assist and improve your first shot accuracy with the controller. Objects like the sentry bot can be destroyed with the help of the aim-assist feature.

Go straight ahead into this map to improve your overall game. Here’s the code – 8278-3695-2737.

What other maps have you used in Creative mode? Which is the toughest weekly challenges this season?

Post your thoughts and comments below. 

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