How to Search Between Giant Rock Man, Crowned Tomato & Encircled Tree

Probably all Fortnite players are very familiar with searching for specific locations during the weekly challenges, and in Week 5 there is no difference. It can be a quite adventurous treasure hunt to figure it out yourself, but many prefer just to search up the locations online and grab it as soon as possible.

The week’s locations challenge called ‘Search Between Giant Rock Man, Crowned Tomato & Encircled Tree’ is very straightforward, and we will give you the exact location right here! It will probably we quite crowded the first couple of hours. However, there shouldn’t be any problem to grab the star quick and easy.

The most efficient and easy way to complete this challenge is to jump straight from the battle bus headed right to the correct location. Don’t expect to make it much further than that with all the players hanging around, but at least you got the challenge done right!

Search Between Giant Rock Man, Crowned Tomato & Encircled Tree Location

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Search Between Giant Rock Man, Crowned Tomato & Encircled Tree Location

  • Battle Star: Southeast of Tomato Temple

Battle Star Week 5 Location in Fortnite

When you completed interacting with the battle start of the specific location, a success notification will display on your screen for a brief moment. Make sure you correctly completed the challenge before moving on with your game. You can also complete multiple challenges in one game even, as this is one is rather quick and simple to complete.

Important, if you successfully complete picking up the battle star, do not leave your Battle-royale game. What you want to do is, either win or lose the game in order for the challenge to be completed. You can as mentioned above also do another challenge in the same game to be even more efficient while you got the challenges hunt in you!

Either way, this challenge is very simple in the Week 5 Challenges. All you have to do is to land Between Giant Rock Man, Crowned Tomato, And Encircled Tree and grab the bright start that will appear as you get close to the location.

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