Status Nico later reassured Frank that Percy and Annabeth falling into Tartarus wasn't his fault. Later, when he was back at Camp Half-Blood, Nico was the only person not angry at Frank for aiding Leo in his suicidal plan, since he knew that was exactly what Leo would've done. Frank Zhang Title; Centurion of the Fifth Cohort: Legacy of Poseidon: Portrayed by: Kellan Lutz ; Important Information ; Gender: Male Godly Parent: Mars Mortal Parent: Emily Zhang Age: 16 Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Height: 5'6" Other ; Affiliation: Camp Jupiter; Olympus Status: Alive Weapon(s) {{{weapon}}} Born {{{born}}} Quests: Quest to free Thanatos Frank can get very angry and irritated sometimes, making him huff like a bear. They specify that it must be the soundless god, and Apollo deduces that he must be working with Triumvirate Holdings to blackout demigod communications. In Archimedes's workshop, Eidolons take control of automatons and quickly knock Frank and Hazel unconscious. Among the seven heroes, he is one of three along with Hazel Levesque (French) and Leo Valdez (Spanish, Morse code) who speaks a language not inherent from their respective godly parents. He then uses his water abilities to sweep up the river and force them to release the demigod before sucking them into whirlpools and crushing them with giant hands shaped out of water. The two did some bonding when they went to Pylos to get the Pylosian Mint. Frank is the son of Mars and Emily Zhang. Leo said he wouldn't know, since he didn't lift weights, to which Frank began to respond, telling him he should consider trying it out. After being given the Blessing of Mars in The House of Hades, Frank's appearance changed dramatically. She freezes most of the crew, including Frank, and sends Leo to Ogygia. Here's the second part to Before you go!Carlos' POV:"Leo, I told you, I'm sorry. Frank also got angry at Leo when he didn't want to rescue Nico, taking it as a sign that Leo was skeptical of both Hazel and Nico's loyalty. After receiving the Blessing of Mars in The House of Hades, Frank's appearance changed. After that, Frank turns into a weasel and makes it to the surface through a hole Leo manages to drill through using a hydraulic screw and the Archimedes sphere. In school, he learned some Canadian French and won a spelling bee. He began to conquer it throughout the series though, like when he decided that Hazel would carry his lifeline and when he burned his stick to rescue Thanatos. Frank also reassures Reyna that he will be able to handle things at camp himself to prepare for the battle, and though Reyna is hesitant on leaving her colleague alone, even though she knew he could do it, he said he could do it alone, relieving Reyna on her burdens of leadership. After Annaveth heard how Frank turned into a koi, she couldn't look at him the same again without thinking of him as a koi. Hazel hugs him and cries. Tall Frank Zhang; Fraleo; Language: English Stats: Published: 2018-08-26 Words: 1032 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 8 Kudos: 116 Bookmarks: 10 Hits: 1202. They got into a fight in the Atlantic when Frank was reluctant to leave Leo alone with Hazel. Leo also has a tendency to annoy Frank a lot with his stupid jokes, and when Leo made a pun about the town of Split, Frank groaned and asked Jason to leave him in Croatia. After Annabeth fell into Tartarus, Frank felt very guilty and said he wished he was paying attention, on the verge of tears. Frank is the son of Mars and Emily Zhang. Male Leo reassured Frank that they all have weaknesses, with Leo being tragically funny and good looking, and they both agreed to look for Hazel. After they fake a fight, defeat her automations and capture the victory goddess, she says one of them is going to die Before Frank gags her with his sock. Another product of his low self esteem is fire. Behind the scenes In the Official UK Percy Jackson site , Percy says he's 13 years old, and 5'10, and a bit slim. Leo accepted it and said he was his best buddy. Coach Hedge and Frank meet in The Mark of Athena, and are on good terms, and respects him as a leader and a satyr, not a faun. Biographical information This would make him either 6'5 or 6'6. As one of the seven, a child of Mars and the descendant of Periclymenus, Frank is immensely powerful being able to singlehandedly defeat huge mobs of monsters and giants as well as accomplishing many other impressive feats. He began to cover his fat less and was more confident in his appearance. Leo was happy that Frank was promoted to Praetor, and clapped him on the shoulder, saying he can order Octavian to fall on his sword. He is the only known male Greek Legacy in modern day. When they arrive, Kate leads Coach Hedge further into the complex while talking about different monsters, and leaves Frank and Percy alone with Phorcys. Hazel is scolding Lavinia about leaving her post when she sees Arion with a figure draped across his back. Later, before the battle, he sets up the legion in Caldecott Tunnel, installing defensive munitions before the final battle. Were you trying to find it through use of genetics? When she found him the next morning, she cried with relief and jumped in the water. He also wanted to slam Nico into a wall in anger after he couldn't protect Hazel, letting her be poisoned. Frank also confided in Reyna about how Claudia giggled when she saw him, thinking she was talking had about him. Millenia before Reyna and Hylla were born, Bellona declared that the Ramírez-Arellano family would play pivotal roles in many battles. In The House of Hades, Frank tried to be there for all of his remaining friends, including Piper, since Annabeth was gone. After Frank and Hazel Levesque have a blackout, Ella tells them that they will have no more blackouts. When they arrive on Pylos, Frank gets the mint from more of his relatives, but he feels they do not like him because he was a roman demigod and of Chinese descent. The following morning the legion is called to assemble only to be ambush by the ballistas on the sentry tower. They decide that they are going to return the stolen book that they found to its original owner. It was longer than two school busses and as tall as the Argo 2's main mast. In the absence of his immortal father, Frank's grandmother helped to raise him after his mother died in a military accident in Afghanistan a while before her son turned 16 and went to Camp Jupiter. Two of them are saved by Leo cracking open the fortune cookie he got from Nemesis. It was just so, so stupid. Frank combined his ancestral gift with the powers tha… When the group finally reaches Canada, he speaks with Mars and Grandma Zhang who encourages him to find his hidden power and save his friends. Frank and Nico met before the events of The Son of Neptune. Height 6'1" Other Information. They are both related through Periclymenus, though Percy would be Frank's "great a thousand times" uncle. I had to do it." As Caligula is recovering, Frank jumps up and holds the god-emperor in a bear hug. Following these events, Frank finds that he seems to have 'grown into his own skin'. When everyone thinks that Frank died, Hazel is in another part of town, and doesn't know. Nico tells Frank to turn into an eagle to get Hazel out of the area of fire, but not before a man tells them he can heal her and to quickly come into a house. He was extremely angry at Jason and Leo for not wanting to, and lashed out at them. Word used by the Percy Jackson fandom. As seen in The Son of Neptune, Percy and Frank have a very brotherly relationship, and Frank felt comfortable telling Percy about his mother's death. Before they can light the pyre, Lupa arrives and asks to speak with Apollo alone. All of this culminated in the The Trials of Apollo series, when Frank became more of a leader and extremely reckless, almost killing himself at the Caligula's Assault on Camp Jupiter. He turns into a swift and takes out one of Caligula's eyes; in response, Caligula swats the son of Mars onto the wall and, when he reverts to human form, stabs him in the back, a hit that would have been fatal had his cloak not protected him. After Apollo becomes a god again, he visits Camp Jupiter and the son of Mars tells him of how they are rebuilding after the last attack that how Jason’s temple project is going. Frank became curious, and Leo said that he was Sammy's great great grandson, telling Frank the whole story in the process. Two days later, the crew of the Argo II is stopped by a bandit who wishes to rob them, and delivers a message: This is a robbery. And for more detail, he was born June 5, 1994. Frank Zhang Triptolemus offering to take him on as an apprentice is an allusion to the fact that some cults worship Mars as an agricultural god along with his other domains. Frank Zhang (also known as 'Fai Zhang' by his grandmother) is a Roman demigod of Camp Jupiter and one of the main characters in The Son of Neptune. Frank then climbs up the wall and starts taking out the opposing team using his specialty made arrows. When Percy Jackson reaches Camp Jupiter, one of the Gorgons gets hold of Frank, almost killing him. Frank also wanted to be there for all of his friends, including Leo, since Annabeth was gone. His grandmother gave him the piece of firewood and told him that he would soon be leaving to go to Camp Jupiter that night. Section heading [edit | edit source] Write the second section of your page here. Frank Zhang is currently Head of Market Access for uniQure preparing for commercialization of first gene therapy in Hemophilia B and Huntingdon’s Disease. Leo ended up making a fireproof bag for Frank's firewood, and Leo wanted to light it to test it. He became taller, and he lost his babyish face, becoming even more handsome. He also lost his stomach fat, becoming lean, but muscular. In The Son of Neptune, Reyna is very strict to Frank, reminding him that he is on Probatio, not letting him tell her about what happened when Percy came and not letting him stand for Percy. He also reveals Thanatos' capture and issues a quest to free him. Age He is a three-time Mr. Olympia, and his physique is considered one of the greatest in the history of bodybuilding due to his meticulous focus on symmetry and proportion. History. Frank finds confidence thanks to the goddess of rainbows, Iris, and battles several basalisks alone. When Reyna arrived at the Argo II, Frank was uneasy around Reyna, and skeptical about having his boss over for lunch. Leo couldn't believe how much Frank had changed in the last few weeks, and thought he was more confident and more willing to take charge. He could barely see him as the the klutzy dude who couldn't get out of Chinese handcuffs just a few weeks ago. Most of their dead had disappeared, and the Romans feared that their fallen would return and fight them with the hordes of Tarquin's undead. Frank finds confidence thanks to the goddess of rainbows, Iris who tells him to give the stick to someone he can trust. Mars (father) Emily Zhang (mother) Grandma Zhang (grandmother) Shen Lun (great-grandfather) Periclymenus (ancestor) Poseidon (divine ancestor) Percy Jackson and Tyson (distant relatives) As for Frank, he showed a lot of worry about Reyna and was concerned about how she shouldered the burdens of leadership, and wanted to relieve her. Relationship Status Crushing on Hazel Levesque: Other Names Fai Zhang Years at Camp 0 Fatal Flaw N/A Roleplayer N/A Frank Zhang is a 17-year-old son of Mars. Mei Zhang is a daughter of Ares and the younger sister of Frank Zhang. Because of this, he spoke to Ella in secret and planned to sacrifice himself to kill Caligula. It's Frank. On December 17, 1928, Hazel was born to Marie Levesque and the god Pluto in New Orleans, Louisiana. Percy goes with Annabeth to escort her to her mission, Piper, Jason and Coach Hedge stay at the ship and Frank, Hazel and Leo go looking for Nico di Angelo. As he and Apollo go to meet up with Tyson and Ella, he explains the details of the battle. Shortly after, they are all attacked by Romans and have to fight at Fort Sumter to escape. Nico even smiled and laughed when Frank commanded the ghosts and killed the ghosts, saying "That’s more like it! Piper waited for Frank while he met with his ancestors and when he came out, Frank confided to Piper how they acted cold and distant around him because he was Chinese and a son of Mars. She did this mainly because she was tired of being poor as described in the So… Item (Mentioned in, Frank was made the new praetor of Camp Jupiter by. When they were done, Piper was in awe of Frank, and called him terrifying, but amazing, and helped bandage his wound. That night during the gladiator fights the colosseum floods and he, Reyna and the centurions look for the culprit. Frank thinks that Nico is okay, though thinks he is mysterious and doesn't think he is as nice or as good looking as Hazel. In The Tower of Nero, the two work on rebuilding New Rome together and are the most efficient and respected pair of praetors to ever run the Twelfth Legion. He later finds that he has the ability to change into animals due to him being a legacy of Poseidon. When the Argo II docks on the Salt Lake in Utah, Frank goes with Percy and Annabeth to the city to find some tar for repairs, not satisfied that Leo and Hazel are going together to look for celestial bronze and lime. But Frank still tried to be his friend and encouraged him to talk about his past and his childhood in Venice. Residence Frank talks about how his grandmother didn't like that there were seven demigods going on a quest and how they were searching for the Doors of Death during July, the seventh month. It is decided they Frank, Percy, Leo and Hazel Levesque to capture Nike, the goddess of victory. During the journey, Frank harbors a secret that his life will end in flame on a piece of wood due to the many powers that he possesses. The bag ended up being fireproof, and Frank was grateful to Leo and thanked him, even though it seemed inadequate after what he had done for him. The man turns out to be Triptolemus, and once he discovers that Hazel is the daughter of Pluto, he refuses to help, as his sister Persephone had been abducted by Pluto and forced to marry him. Frank was amazed how Leo's tension with Hazel had disappeared. Frank was relived when Hazel went with them to Venice so he didn't have to be alone with Nico. When Frank defrosts, he discovers that Piper defeated Khione, but didn't manage to stop the bomb from exploding and sending them to the tip of Africa. Frank even thought his father was cool, and knew it wasn't his fault that he ran the underworld. Piper told him that his cousins were idiots and they didn’t know how great he was. He is a death row inmate who escaped a prison to find a suitable opponent to face him.

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