Try them with our Kroger plastic forks, knives and spoons to keep you spending time with the ones you love, not cleaning … Please add me; I have used their bowls and plates for many years. Please Add Me I’ve been buying these for the longest. add me also, please.. please add me to this, I get these plates all the time. Ive been buying those for a long long time. Shocked and very angry. I have purchased these products plz add me, kroger is the only grocery store that i shop at. Kindly add me to the list. yes an d now I’m scared my grandkids easy off those plates and out of those bowls. Shop for Disposable Tableware in our Cleaning and Household Department at Fredmeyer. Please add me to the list. Please add me. I have had to dispose of what I believed to be safe and organic materials, losing a year’s worth of what I assumed to be safe compost for growing fruits and vegetables for my family and friends. Little did I know that they were that dangerous for me and the environment. I don’t really know why we trust these people to do what is right. Add me!!! I’m concerned that my family and I have been exposed because I buy kroger disposable products often. The Kroger class action lawsuit says representations that the disposable dinnerware is compostable are false. You can also grab the foam plates and plastic cups for just 99¢ at Kroger. I regularly shop at Kroger. several years, both in Galveston County and Harris County. I purchase and use Kroger disposable plates and bowls many times for years. CJ "coyote_sc" Joss&Main. I can add their names also, if need be. Please add me to the claim. Please add me to the list. Please add me, I have been buying these products for This is all I buy from Kroger. I have purchased these products for years for my family/friends get togethers and lunches. Please add me to your lawsuit. Hefty Slider … I normally would get upset with anyone talking about Kroger in a negative way, but I purchased this product often and would like to get on the list. Shop there often and have purchased plates. Please add me to your lawsuit. Well, until they were not available at all! Back to using my real plates and flatware. I live alone so I don’t like washing a lot of dishes but they’re my best friend lol. Find quality cleaning products products to add to your Shopping List or order online for Delivery or Pickup. Thank you, I buy them often and get coupons for them. I am the only person in my family with thyroid problems and autoimmune disease. I bought them for past few years, Please add me. Legal Notice Please add me, We use this product all the time please add me. we have used a few times. Top Class However, this can result in some functions no longer being available.