Fortnite Patch Notes for V8.01: Treasure Map, New Tournament & More

The first official content update for Season 8 is now available on all platforms. After its much-hyped build-up, Epic has finally revealed what “X marks the spot” means.  Other improvements to the game which includes bug fixes and tweaks to item availability have been implemented as well.

A new lengthier test tournament has been rolled out for users to try.

All of this and much more are included in this week’s v8.01 patch notes. Let’s take a look at the key highlights of the update.

“X mark the spot” Finally Revealed with a Treasure Map Introduction

Players can now pick up a treasure map from chests. This treasure map takes up one slot from the inventory and when selected it shows the way to hidden loot in the form of arrow marks. Once you reach the spot, you would find the “X” marked on the ground.

Start digging exactly on the X mark and a chest will pop up. This chest contains a chug jug and multiple gold weapons. Only one map can be held by a person at a time and multiple x-mark locations can be found throughout the map.

The treasure map has been introduced in all formats of the game is available right away. Find the Chest first and you’re most likely to win the match with the best loot available in the game.

The Block has Been Updated

This week. Fortnite has featured user “Botimus-Prime’s” map at the Block. This map has primarily been created with metal and can be re-edited when searching for loot or while battling with opponents.

Head straight to this location in any mode and check it out for yourself. The whole map is shaped like a turtle and is super fun to play while in playground mode.

The NewGauntlett Tournament is Being Tested!

Epic is testing this new tournament mode and will be hosting this mode for longer hours as compared to all the other previous tournaments. Players can grind all day long and keep collecting points. On the basis of these points, the top 5% of players from each server will move on to the finals.

Unlike the previous tournaments, there is no limit on the number of matches you can take part in. Instead, the bus driver will charge you 2 points ever time the battle bus starts it’s journey. Basically, -2 points for every match.

The top 25 positions have points allotted to them depending on where they’ve finished. A victory Royale fetches you a total of 10 points and each elimination is an extra points.  We’ll be getting more info about this tournament in the coming weeks.

Slide DUOS LTM is Back

This fan favourite LTM is back in the playlist! In this mode, all players will have their feet stuck in an ice cube and will have to complete the whole match sliding and shooting. A grappler with infinite ammo will be available to all players.

Changes have been made to this LTM making it faster. Friction has been decreased and players will now move significantly faster.

Other General Gameplay Changes

  • The spawn chances for both the infantry rifle and clingers from chests and floor loot have been marginally decreased.
  • Bottled rockets have been vaulted.

That’s it for the first content update of season 8. What changes have impressed you the most? Are you excited about the new tournament mode introduced? Post you comments below. 

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