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Updated: 3 min ago

Paradise Palms Fortnite All Chest Locations – Search Chests Challenge

Click on the circles on the map to know more about the chests in the locations. In the new Season 5 of Fortnite, you have to Search Chests in Paradise Palms in order to complete the weekly challenge.

Search Chests in Paradise Palms

fortnite-loot-chestOn the bed in the bedroom

fortnite-loot-chestOn top of the camper RV van

fortnite-loot-chestIn the basement underground

fortnite-loot-chestRight next to the Pool, against the wall

fortnite-loot-chestOn the bed in the bedroom

fortnite-loot-chestIn the bathroom

fortnite-loot-chestOn floor two, next to the bookshelf

fortnite-loot-chestOn the bed in the bedroom

fortnite-loot-chestSecond floor, on the sofa table

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The new area Paradise Palms south-east of the map recently entered the Fortnite world. A really cool desert themed part of the map, with plenty of new buildings to go through. The new biome was a refreshing take on the map we all know so well by now.

Here’s an interactive map with all the known locations of chests to spawn, as the game is always evolving we will continuously update with new locations as soon as we know about them.

Search Chests in Paradise Palms

As of now, there is a lot of chests that spawn on top of beds in various bedrooms in Paradise Palms, so that is definitely worth checking out. There is an easy chest that usually spawns on the RV camper van in the northwest of the town; you can land on this directly to get an early advantage. Also chests by the pools a quite common for early searches. However, most of the crates spawn in indoor or in basements.

Paradise Palms is incredibly crowded right now, just like Tilted Towers was. Mainly because it’s a brand new city and it’s only logical that most people want to check it out. But by knowing the chest locations beforehand, you can get a significant advantage to get hold of equipment much faster than your unknowing opponents. You can plan your landing and make out a route that fits your playstyle.

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