NICKMERCS Fortnite Settings

NICKMERCS Game Settings​

Game settingsInput
Controller Sensitivity X6
Controller Sensitivity Y5
Controller ADS Sensitivity0.50
Controller Scope Sensitivity0.50
HUD Scale0.98
60 FPSOn
Invert ViewOff
Sprint Cancels ReloadingOn
Tap to Search / InteractOn
Toggle TargetingOff
Auto Equip Better ItemsOn
Aim AssistOn
Reset Building ChoiceOff
Turbo BuildingOn
Auto Material ChangeOn
Controller Auto-RunOff
Streamer ModeOff
Brightness Calibration0.85


NICKMERCS Settings & Gear

The game Fortnite is becoming just as popular on consoles like Xbox One and Playstation 4. With the cross-platform feature on the way you better step it up to have a change versus the PC players. Having the best settings and sensitivity for consoles can really help you in your performance.  

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