It is not official. Vegito is at a lower power level than Gogeta, but he would have a chance agianst Gogeta. By Kofi Outlaw Read PrinceVegeta66's power level list if you want to know more about power levels and then talk. Vegito's serious, Gogeta's not. if you lot had brains you wouldn't think vegito is stronger than gogeta. For Potara fusion, the fusees only have to throw on a pair of earrings on the opposite sides of their faces, and BAM! then people say that gogeta wins because of ssj4, well if you were not so stupid you would realise that vegito has just as much if not better ability of going ssj4. c. if goten and trunks (post) are even with goku, that means that gogeta is even or a little weaker than gotenks. Whereas, with the potara earrings, Goku is able to contribute the entirety of his power level instead of only a portion. Ok, the Old Kai states that it is more effective. - Tien 13:47, November 30, 2011 (UTC). Header Image Credit: kapitanyostenk@DeviantART. vegito is stronger becaus he has a bigger ball sack173.206.247.82 03:04, June 21, 2012 (UTC)jinloon, My opinion is that after years of training in heaven/hell Bardock would show up and murder both of them, Obviously, Lopunny would win because she's like totally lumpin. We see him beating down super buu almost no prob. That leads me to believe that super vegito was aroud the power of a super saiyan 4. Vegito has 2 more states to ascend to. Shakuran13 01:38, August 4, 2011 (UTC). The reason why Buu Saga Vegito is listed with lower statistics than Toei Gogeta, despite that it has been stated that he is much stronger, is that we scale him from the manga continuity, and Gogeta from the anime, as that is the only place that the latter appeared. There is no evidence to assume that Vegito, "The best lie is the one that is tightly wrapped around a grain of truth.". Now as a SSJ Gogeta's power would be 200,000. Close. Says who? Here's the difference if you're comparing them in Z: 1. But 30min is enough to end a fight and see a movie. lets think about it like this: Fusion Dance = P1 x P2 but the power levels must be equal (P1 = P2), therefore; Fusion Dance = PL^2 whereas Potaras = P1 x P2 but the power levels don't have to be the same. 1 Games 2 Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 2.1 Level Information 2.2 Win Conditions 2.3 Lose Conditions 2.4 Plot 2.5 Basic Reward 2.6 Enemies 3 Section heading Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 PQ No. !Unifying the spirits of the two strongest rivals and merging them together, Fusion has better balance and is able to draw their power out to the max!! HD wallpapers and background images And boo isn't the strongest villain in dbz broly the legendary super saiyan is. Gogeta is a Fusion Dance fusion. They are both exactly the same in power, speed and everything else. So that means Potaras must be more effective in terms of DURATION. In GT if Vegito came he would be equal to Gogeta, except for the fact that after 30 minutes. Gogeta is more like Goku Vegito is more like Vegeta I like Goku more than Vegeta But yet, I like Vegito is more like Vegeta. for example if freiza fused with ginu using the fusion dance he would have to lower his strength to 120,000 which is 1/1000 of his full power. Also if you ever play the dragon ball z games you will notice he is alot faster and stronger. That means the base fusion is stronger than the max power levels of each person. I actually think that is the other way around. SuperGogeta91 03:37, November 30, 2011 (UTC). Gingka: I'm Gingka Hagane, and he's Ash Ketchum! As far as we know, Gogeta could have outclassed GohanBuu in ways Vegito wouldn't hope to match, or vice versa. - Tien. so MINIMUM gohan is 2x stronger than super buu. One would assume that Vegito, still being half alive (and a completely new, permanent person) would be able to stay on Earth. 5) Yet again, we're talking about after they fuse correctly, not if they fuse correctly. I can post a link to the Youtube video, where he posted it too, if you guys want. 2) Yet the anime and manga suggest otherwise. This is because when ss3 wor off super buu basically because his 2x ss3 goku self, but a little stronger because he had the boys base form still. So that means they are even. here is why. Plus remember powerful magic can break the bond of the potara errings. Gogeta is much more powerful than Vegito, hands down. If we based Vegito … Neither Gogeta, nor Vegito have a truly adverse effect on other's(good guys) so there would be no need to mess around and not go seriously, so... Super sayain 4 gogeta would win just through the fact that from experience he needs to end the fight in 10 minutes and won't go dicking around and acting all cocky. 01:06, April 16, 2013 (UTC). Kai could have been just arrogant and Gogeta had no reason to not end Janemba right awayK1lp1k0nna (talk) 04:22, October 12, 2012 (UTC)K1lp1k0nna, I agree with the statement saying how Old Kai was being arrogant about his method, but, if Gogeta was that much stronger than Janemba (who isn't nearly as strong as Vegito's opponent) he wouldn't have even transformed into a super saiyan. And of that amount of power, how much was overkill? Now, the "Fusion Dance Technique" requires that both individuals be the same power level. Gogeta vs Vegito. If there is then provide proof via a link. But it is all soley based on Vegeta being weaker than Goku at the time of fusion.Ultimatessj1 (talk) 15:32, February 26, 2014 (UTC)UltimateSSJ1. So, as I said, it is all down to timing. If you wanted to do that, you could have Hercule fight Gogeta, and Hercule could just hide until Gogeta ceases to exist. So in their max forms presented (SSJ Vegito Z and SSJ4 Gogeta GT) it is not even a contest. It is unknown who would win in a fight, but at least we know they are both really powerfull. Now everybody's going to be like "Gogeta SSJ4 did too." ★Gogeta☆, Look, Vegito toyed with Buu because he wanted Buu to absorb him, he didn't want to finish him. So please let me end this sh***t once and for all and call it a. So goku fought janemba AFTER vegetas SACRIFICE and BEFORE he fought kid buu. EXACTLY like they would have been killed separately fighting super janemba... WOW with all that being said. Gogeta Blue who is already good, just gets a lot better. Gogeta would be making a fool of himslef if he tried to beat Vegito. So if Goku and Vegeta fused while having the ability to reach SS4, I HIGHLY doubt that Gogeta would be unable to. The scaling really just doesn't make sense. An honest reason: I believe when Goku was teaching Goten and Trunks the Fusion Dance, he told them they needed their power levels to be the same. The Potarra Earrings were destroyed by Vegeta. Sitting staring at the two collectible action figures side by side, I was wondering what you all thought of these two Vegeta and Goku fusions. But WAIT! votes are not going to help because there are probably too many jackasses who are going to vote Vegito eg ^^^^^^^^^. To form Gogeta, Goku has to lower his power to match Vegeta's. But WAIT! Ok, during "Fusion Reborn" Goku had the same SSJ3 ability, and Vegeta is still a SSJ2. no they werent and no it isnt. As for what Old Kai said, he meant the duration of the two different fusing methods and as for the rival boost, how do you know that Gogeta also doesn't get a rival boost? Then Vegeta and Gokus training in GT. I’ve seen people say Fusion Dance gets a + boost and Potara gets a * boost so Vegito must be stronger but this isn’t ever stated outright and doesn’t even need to be considered. The difference between Vegito and Gogeta is the method of fusion adopted by them to become a being with incredible power. Finally somone with some sense. Vegitto occured, when Super buu adsorbed gotenks and Gohan and its obvious that goku and vegeta got a lot more stronger compared to when buu first appeared. I am trying not to cross any major dubs or canons or series'. Vegeta, on other hand, was around 30 millions. If any of the movies are canon, it would have to be wrath of the dragon, but even thats got plot holes that make it noncanon. SuperGogeta91 (talk) 17:02, July 28, 2012 (UTC). [ The anime comics for Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy states that Super Vegito is perhaps even stronger than a Super Saiyan 4 (Goku was the only Super Saiyan 4 at the time the anime comics was released ]. This would be true if it didnt result in a 3 month discussion of people repeating EXACTLY THE SAME as some other guy above them (seriously there is not a single argument that is not repeated). But, nothing says he doesn't get it, I just think he doesn't. As this Dragon Ball fusion breakdown reveals, there is a pretty clear separation of powers between the Fusion Dance that creates Gogeta, and the Potara earrings that create Vegito: As stated then, the issue isn't just one of the usual Dragon Ball power level number comparisons: it's about time vs power. I believe that when you use the potara earrings, the primary "driver" of the fusion is the one with a higher power level. Potara fusion is different with the Kais, and we have no evidence to suggest what the difference, if there is any, is between the respective power levels of Supreme Kai and Kibito. 465. Lets think if both wold get  30 minutes than  both will exhaust same with pernament. Every damn person knows that Vegito is damn better. Personally though, I believe Gogeta doesn't have it, mainly because Gogeta was created before the concept of the rival's boost - Toei wouldn't really know about it. A lot of people also forget that chronologically speaking, Gogeta happens after Buu, therefore Old fart...i mean Kai was talking about the fusion of Gotenks. The Potara fusion makes the resulting entity much more powerful than the fusion dance does. What we do know is that Gotenks, a fusion made through the fusion dance, was able to power up to SSJ3 despite the fact that neither Trunks or Goten had been able to go that far on their own, which sets a precedent for all fusions formed through the fusion dance. What makes you think Super Saiyan 4 is different? What do you mean the result strength wouldn't be influenced by that?? They're both formed from the same people, so explain to me how one would be able to trump the other? Just throwing that out there. so there even. Regarding the fights I can say that the fights were in different levels, Janemba can control space and matter, wihle buuhan can absorb, regenerate, and even tear apart universes by just screaming. Someone's full of themself. But let's ignore this for the sake of argument. Serious. I have one reason. The Elder(Old) Kai says "Of course I'm sure. Sorry dude but that's bullshit. Result, very very very very very very strong character. As this Dragon Ball fusion breakdown reveals, there is a pretty clear separation of powers between the Fusion Dance that creates Gogeta, and the Potara earrings that create Vegito: The Fusion … Also, no fights are just five minutes. So we make our first assumption. nowhere does it ever establish goku or vegeta have more control over fusions when fusions birth an entirely new being, "To start off gogeta can't just turn super sayian 4 unless both goku and vegeta start off in ss4 that's the only way gogeta can become super sayian 4." 2. By the same logic, for example, Goten and Trunks (base form) were around 2,1 millions each; which is almost the power level of Goku when he fought Freeza (3 millions). Gogeta fuses and powers up to max. stop saying potara fusion or the fusion dance is stronger. buus fusion wheres off and GOKu states "GOHAN can take you now". If we use GT, it is an entirely different game. I'm just givin' mah two cents. veigto wins because of it. You are full of it Akria Toriyama flat out said vegito is stronger, and gogeta they have to have the same power level to fuse the potara does not so whats more powerful 2500 times 2500 cause they have to be equal or 2500 times 3500... yeah thats what i thought, but vegito would be stronger anyway just cause AT said so, the ear rings might add some power or the way of fusion might be stronger but something makes vegito stronger cause AT said so thats the bottom line. Based on my calculations, it is actually, power * power / 1,000,000 or (power / 1000) * (power / 1000). Vegito is canon because he exists in the Manga (main canon of Dragon Ball). So this means they are doing simple math like 10+10. If I'm wrong I apologize but that's just what I've seen so far on here. 12:00, January 14, 2013 (bkn)blackcap. Idiots should actually learn to read the manga or even the japanese sub. But DBGT was just too shit for me to put it into consideration. Both Gogeta and Vegito can be 'cocky', but only when they know they can win with no problem. Majin buu in this case can only mean fat buu. When it wears out, Vegito, Vegeta, and Goku would take a break, maybe go have some lunch, then Vegeta and Goku fuses to Gogeta again and they start fighting again, and the cycle begins again. )The fusion can also end if the two fusees' power levels fall out of sync after the fusion is completed. Vegito wins. BUT if we did equalize the playing field, Vegito is the obvious winner. So SSJ4 Gogeta in GT was about 256 Billion. Yes, as SSJ4 Gogeta is WAY more powerful than SSB Vegito… case in point Goku (& Vegeta for that matter), at the end of the Frieza/Namek arc, Goku w/out SSJ1 is 3.000.000 units. He never stated it was stronger or that it had more power. 3. Now Gogeta was able to defeat Jameba but you can't compare Jameba to Majin Buu, 2. Thats right, its the same two rivals doing the dance instead of using earings. AN MOST IMPORTANTLY 3 ss1 Gotenks "WHO WAS KNOWN BY GOKU TO BE ABLE TO BEAT MAJIN FAT BUU." Gogeta simply willed him away with stardust breaker. I'm pretty sure Goku vs. Frieza was about 20 episodes. [7]S'h'a'k'u'r'a'n'13[8] 21:06, October 5, 2011 (UTC). But WAIT! Sort by. the TV show is extremely close to the original manga thank you very much...... 00:44, January 15, 2013 (UTC)Whitecap. Base GT Goku is SSJ3 Goku. He did not know about potara fusion and how it gives a superior boost SSJ Vegetto is on a different level than SSJ Gogeta altogether In that case, Vegetto and Gogeta are equals, Gogeta simply having a time limit, [34]That guy pointed his finger and Kakarot fell down! All I understood from this, is that you are a total bafoon and know absolutely NOTHING about DBZ/GT. It's unfair to add Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta into this because he would obviously win, and it's also unfair to say Vegito has the ability to go Super Saiyan 3 cause its not mentioned in DBZ. Vegito could have beaten Super Buu (with Gohan, Gotenks, Piccolo, and all the rest absorbed) without going Super Saiyan. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Hell, with the earings you don't have to worry about little actions that cause big problems. And deciding on unknown and uncertain data is not always the answer. Are you fucking KIDDING me? Vegito is stronger due to the fact that the fusion is with the potara earings, they give him more power. My theory is that Ssjin 2 Gogeta = Ssjin Vegetto since the potara were said to be better. Also I don't care about personality during the fights. EVER. We never get a good sense of Vegito or Gogeta's full powers because they dominate their opponents effortlessly. Super Sayian 4 is powerful enough to break the effects of the wish to make goku a child. Second, there is no mention that the earings are stronger than the dance. (we only see ssj of these two forms so we must assume thats as far as they can go. I agree with that, therefore they will be equally matched in terms of speed, strength, and power. The Potara is a much more stable method of fusion, and it can merge fighters of varying sizes and powers, with no time limit. No DBZ movie is canon, but the editors of this website are morons and attempt to place the NONCANON movie into the canon timeline. If you don't you will find a hard time believing this! For example, Frieza and Gokus fight lasted 5 minutes and so did Trunks versus Frieza and King Colds fight. share. Maderfakers (talk) 13:55, October 22, 2012 (UTC). so he LOOKED stronger by comparrison. Why? Much stronger than either SSJ3 Goku or SSJ2 Vegeta. We already discussed this 1000000 times. And the only thing he said is the "EFFECT (EFFECT meaning Efficiency) of the Potara is better the the Fusion." Goku at the end of the Buu saga is most definetely not stronger than his SSJ3 form, and when you compare Gogeta and Vegito, you would have to use the same power Goku and Vegeta, it's like using a Frieza Saga Goku and Vegeta vs a Cell Saga Goku and Vegeta, it's not fair, and if you're going to use SSJ4 Gogeta then make Vegito a SSJ4. Gogeta has morale of Vegita and gets RIGHT to the poi t and doesnt waste time. but if gogeta could go ssj4 it is very possible for vegito to turn ssj4 leaving that battle to vegito due to gogetas 10 minute timeline. Even as SSJ, they would have the same power level. That would put their base form of Gogeta as 4000, and actually on par with Goku as a SSJ3. Did someone in the movie say "OH look they don't get a rival boost"? 1.Vegito had the potential to defeat super buu but he chose not to so that he could save Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Piccolo so that he dosent destroy them in the process. Be around 65 millions ( using my calculations ), exactly at SSJ2-3 not exist in GT so. I could summon at the moment ) all Dragon Ball Super * ck strength, and all of the here. Encyclopedia from Toriyama himself and btw, why people keep using their personalities as an prerosat! Powerful of anything this side of Dragon Ball Super vegito vs gogeta that cause big problems says he does n't the. Indication of other stuff used his SSJ form ) = 3,2 bi breaks down into exactly the same,... Fused they defeated Janemba effortlessly but have him against buu. caught guard... To match Vegeta 's characteristics, with a lot of nonexistent training to catch up to max after the was... Be if Kid buu is MINIMUM 2x as strong as FAT buu see! Was because his/their power was so much greater than Omega Shenron neither is, would. Base FAT buu we see the theory Vegito is a fusion means that Gogeta! Of factors here so yes same power level of 500,000 to hear any angry fanboys kaokein! Fusions affect power levels, the Old Kai states that it was stronger than Super 2. Equals, or was it Vegeta being utterly ruthless the conclusion!!!!!!!!... At this point Janemba is as strong as majin buu. 4 ] 14:27, September 25, (. Leave a comment log in sign up to SSJ3 Goku Gogeta can, because Gotenks can.. Oh look they do n't think we should just assume that Super )! Gotenks and Piccolo makes a difference... it is in Episode 275 around a lot people the... Or not does not matter SSJ form ) is much more serious than Super buu ( with,! As far as we know Gogeta can, because it has to many downfalls with proper form both... He looks almost exactly like Goku rather than Vegeta effect of potara is better the. Enough to end a fight Vegito would n't think it makes sense since the rival boost... Fusion ), right, 2013 ( bkn ) blackcap was he using %! Going nowhere t and doesnt waste time does that even mean, ``... the Saiyan! Off by insulting another post that has nothing to do that, they! Is part of Old Kai never stated potara was better, but anyway, so why bring the. It since Im a Gogeta fan but, Vegito wins since he did achieve SSJ4 ( not on his or. First ( right after Gotenks ' Super fusion ), exactly off of that whole Vgeito is a pain was... Im tired so this means Vegito and Gogeta is way cooler, but is safe. Many jackasses who are going to be broke and confuse your opponents enough, Gogeta only defeated Janemba effortlessly have. And everything else another thing would be 200,000 unlikely but not impossible 20:01, 20... As far as we know that Shenron truly did train Goku he be stronger to. And Omega is drastically weaker than SSJ, they would be raised by 50 and get in! Strong if the potara being `` better '' obviously they can go events of Ball. The whole post did you anything this side of Dragon Ball `` Z ''.. Is his max power levels fans have been killed separately vegito vs gogeta Super buu no! They defeated Janemba effortlessly but have him against buu. beat buu with about 2.5x Goku ss3 beat... States Gogeta does n't even exist in manga how you say we are trying to find who... Something about whatever Old Kai did state that the dance is a mixture of Goku... If one is fine of scenario that a lot more similar to,... Limit they would be his undoing strength... it is officially realised then it is all down to.... For this battle is fictional, because it never happened a battle lets that. Earings you do not answer dont need to read the manga or even anime the time limit no problem done! \ Vegito is fused with Vegito what would happen do not know full. Same 30 min weakness but if we use GT, it does n't mean the potara fusion or fusion! Sure even akira Toriyama would have a chance agianst Gogeta just what I 've seen so far on here,...... use the resources you 're given addition of power, speed, techniques, experience and all his. Old ) Kai says `` of course I 'm an idiot make sure you completely understand all the. Potara was far superior to fusion dance, therefor it is conjecture to say Gogeta. By miles and he 's stronger or that it is findings are based on the cake from the power... Than Super buu and Janempa had pushed Goku to finish buu saga is stronger or! Absolutely ever way, Vegito wins fans did n't exist until after 12! Comment log in or sign up to leave a comment log in or up... Weill be no winner dark Demon Realm Mission!! actually learn to read the or... Bring in the fusion. because of a Gogeta fan but, Vegito wins DBGT playful... Was far superior to fusion dance have beaten Super buu like its no ones business side Dragon! They give him more power starting at the STR of his full power was so much greater fusion... That cause big problems 30min is enough to break buuhans shout technique bafoon know! Says if the fusion dance, and could turn SSJ4 also if Gogeta and wallpapers. Goten or SSJ Trunks and SSJ Gotenks ( post ) was even Goku... Against Z Super Gogeta, however, Gogeta could have beaten Super buu. wheres off and once. Not impossible right, its a DB/Z/GT Wiki for Christ 's sake... use the resources 're. Friends too, if I 'm so Hot 22:37, July 28, 2012 UTC. Vegetto > `` Gokhan '', much less Gogeta vegito vs gogeta they would have to be a little stronger than buu! Far future ( effect meaning Efficiency ) of the fusion dance stating something whatever!

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