Marshmello Store, Free Xbox Live Gold and more news on Fortnite

It’s official, Marshmello is set to rock Pleasant Park at 2 Am EST. Showtime Challenges are available only for 48 hours, make sure you complete them before the weekend gets over.

Marshmello gear is now available in the item shop for a limited time only,

The whole Marshmello set includes an outfit, glider and an emote. Epic is expecting an army of Marshmello outfits to be present at Pleasant Park with the event set to take place at 2 pm ET on Saturday.  A limited time mode is set to be featured during the event and will have “re-spawning” enabled. No matter what happens, everyone will get to be part of the full event. Epic has also confirmed via Twitter that,  clips of attending the concert can be posted online as long as none of those videos posts are monetized.

Marshmello and Ninja had won the Pro-AM celebrity tournament last year, hence this isn’t the first time Epic has used the likes of Marshmello to lift the game’s overall profile.

Click here for Ninja’s Keybinds and Fortnite settings,

XBOX Live Gold is Free Until the 3rd of Feb

The sad part for Xbox users is the fact that Xbox Live Gold is required to play Fortnite. Xbox is probably the only platform that charges a monthly fee on customers to play Fortnite. On a happier note.  Xbox players can login and watch the concert as Xbox multiplayer access is free till the 3rd of Feb.

Xbox is running its “Free Play Days” campaign during this weekend, inviting players to experience the “online-multiplayer” version of any game they own. Ideally, an Xbox Live Gold subscription is required to play online, but this weekend is free and standard Xbox users can play online.

In Other News, Epic has Responded to the “Overpowered Aim-Assist” Situation

A recent video clip showed an overpowered glitch that enabled players to abuse the “Aim assist” functions. Players were able to auto-lock on opponents hidden in smoke/fog. Take a look at the post here.

In this post, you can see the opponent clearly hidden in the mist and still being hit with multiple shots. Streamers and members from the Fortnite community voiced out their concerns and forced Epic to respond to this.

Here a reply to the situation by an Epic employee:

So What is this Change Epic is Talking About?

The auto-aim assist option is going to be “nerfed”. At the moment, the auto-aim feature is considered “over-powered” and changes (Nerfs)  are going to made to bring it back to playable standards.

Console players like Aydan had already requested to vault aim assist a week back:

Click here for Aydan’s Controller Keybinds and Fortnite Settings

Another Console Pro-Player “ObeyUpshall” had also posted a video showing his high-kill gameplay experience with this overpowered glitch in action,

We are yet to find out if Epic is going to completely vault aim assist or just make minor changes to it. But it is confirmed that they are working on this glitch and changes are imminent in the next update. This change is going to primarily impact console players the most as “Aim-assist” is what console players rely on the most.





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