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Is a New Fortnite Map Coming?

Fortnite rumors can sometimes get a bit crazy. When a game prides itself on letting everything from a giant robot fight to a concert happen in-game it is hard to rule anything out. However, one recent rumor just can’t seem to go away. It is the possibility of Fortnite getting a new map in Season 11. While the game has been through some big changes, a new Fortnite map might be the biggest yet.

Fortnite Season 10 has been pretty eventful and it has had a unique gimmick with the game’s map. New areas have been added and altered every week. The map at the end of Season 10 is pretty changed from that of the Season’s opening. After doing so much with the current map, it is possible that a new Fortnite map is the next logical step. While these kinds of rumors are always floating around, they might have a little more weight this time around.

Dataminers pretty consistently hack away at Fortnite’s in-game files. Inside, they often find bits of code that are going to be utilized in the future. This typically gives advanced warning of new skins or events. This time around, it either points to a bizarrely huge map revamp or a brand new Fortnite map.

POIs on the New Fortnite Map

One data miner found a pretty hefty list of new POIs in Fortnite. These are some locations that are apparently coming to the game.

  • Beachy Bluffs
  • Camp Cod
  • Dirty Docks
  • Frenzy Farm
  • Holly Hedges
  • Lazy Lake
  • Mountain Meadow
  • Power Plant
  • Slurpy Swamp
  • Sunny Shores
  • Weeping Woods

These new POIs could be slotted into the existing map. However, this would entail a massive change to the map. This would be beyond the scope of anything we’ve seen in Season changes before. While map changes are often extensive, they don’t tend to go this far. If these new POIs are intended for the existing map, it may be having enough changes that it is essentially a different map.

Loading Screens

Some more tangential evidence that Fortnite Fans are taking as evidence of a new map coming to the game is a leaked loading screen.

New Fortnite Map

Saying bye to the Battle Bus and the previous map would make sense if a new Fortnite map is coming. Although, loading screens aren’t exactly the best place to get your information about new content coming to the game.

While the evidence for it is spread out, a new map would make sense with Fortnite’ trajectory. To this point, they have primarily used the existing map with plenty of changes made to it. However, with this last season, we’re pushing up against the changes that can be made to the existing map. The big change of an entirely different map could be what is needed to keep locations fresh in the game. Changes to the map every week are nice. However, they tend to affect the in-game play of the game. Players flock to the newest location until the next new one is released. A new map would allow some major changes to be made without focusing on just one area or another.

Season 11 of Fortnite looks to be one of the most exciting yet. After Season 10, players are expecting something big. Or at least the death of the B.R.U.T.E mechs. It is due to launch on October 13th, when we’ll find out if the new Fortnite map is real or not. If you want to stand out in the next season, you need to make sure you’re using the best Fortnite settings and getting the best frames per second possible in Fortnite.

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