Improve Your Frames Per Second in Fortnite

Playing better in Fortnite depends on strategy, but also the equipment that you’re working with. Even the most talented player will struggle if they’re getting a low rate of frames per second, using broken settings, or unhelpful key binds. Improving your frames per second in Fortnite can elevate your play. Aside from upgrading your equipment, your FPS in Fortnite is the best thing you can do to increase your chances of a Victory Royale.

Most pro players in any game have one big advantage, they’re using settings and equipment that allow them to get the highest frames per second possible. This is true for all online games. Popular pros in Fortnite use specialized key binds and settings to suit how they play, but it is also to get the best Frames per second in Fortnite as possible. You can upgrade your keyboard, or monitor, or even optimize for Mac to make Fortnite get a better frame rate. However, even the most basic equipment is capable of higher FPS in Fortnite than most players use it for.

There are some things you can do to improve your FPS in Fortnite. There are a few different methods and some are easier than others. If you run through as many of these as you can, you should start achieving a higher rate of frames per second in Fortnite.

In-Game Setting Changes to Get a Better Frames Per Second in Fortnite

Improve Your Frames Per Second in Fortnite 

There are some basic in-game changes you can make to your settings to achieve the best FPS in Fortnite possible. These are minor changes that you can make by entering the settings page within Fortnite.

  • Windowed Mode – You need to set this to Fullscreen.
  • Frame Rate Limit –You should set this to unlimited or the maximum rate of your monitor.
  • 3D Resolution –You will achieve better results by lowering this through your monitor resolution than using an in-game alteration. This should be set to 100%
  • View Distance –This is a compromise. A longer view distance will let you see further and give you an advantage, but slow down your frame rate. If you’re desperate for an increase in your frames per second in Fortnite you can lower this, but there will be in-game consequences.
  • Shadows –You should set this to off.
  • Anti-Aliasing – Also set to off.
  • Textures –Set this to medium.
  • Effects – These are unnecessary taxes on your CPU.
  • Post Processing– Low.
  • VSync– Off
  • Motion Blur – Set this to off.
  • Show Grass –Turn this off.

 Outside Changes for a Better FPS in Fortnite

Improve Your Frames Per Second in Fortnite

These in-game changes should do a lot to give you a better in-game rate of frames per second in Fortnite. However, there are plenty of changes you can make outside the game if you really need to give your frame rate a boost. 

  • Set Fortnite to High Priority – Launch the Task Manager on your computer and head into details. Find the Fortnite Process and set its priority to High. This should tell your computer that Fortnite’s drain on its CPU has to be prioritized over other drains.
  • NVidia – If you use NVidia on your computer, you can make some changes here to increase your FPS in Fortnite. Open the control panel and head over to Manage 3D Settings. Here, set Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames to 1, Monitor Technology to G-Synch, Multi-Display to Single Display Performance Mode, Power Management Mode to prefer maximum performance, disable Vertical Sync, and Enable Threaded Optimization.
  • Close Down Unnecessary Programmes – Increasing your frames per second in Fortnite largely depends on how much CPU you’re making available to the game. To give it more space to achieve a better frame rate, you need to close down other drains. Any non-essential programs should be shut down while you’re using Fortnite.
  • Space – Clear as much space as possible out on your computer. Additional free space boosts your performance and gives you a better frame per second in Fortnite.

 These changes should help you get the best possible frames Per Second in Fortnite, giving you advantage no matter what PC you’re using.

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