How to Play on an Exclusive PS4 Fortnite Tournament – Celebration Cup

Fortnite is a pretty big game when it comes to Esports, but PC dominates. The top Fortnite players and streamers all tend to use the PC to play the game. This gives them a lot more control over their FPS, allows for more responsive controls, and lets them use keybinds. However, there are a lot of console Fortnite players out there. Every now and again, an event is hosted for these players. The upcoming exclusive PS4 Fortnite tournament is another example of this. The Celebration Cup is Epic’s next big Fortnite event, open only to PlayStation players.

The tournament is scheduled to take place on February 15 and 16. The action will span a whole weekend, with a qualifying round being followed up by a full day of finals. If you’re a particularly adept Fortnite console player, you might get a shot at some of the prize money. Even if you’re not though, you get the opportunity to get some exclusive cosmetics. Cosmetic items tied to events always become pretty rare after time, this is even more true for events tied to specific consoles.

Players will enter the first round of placement games. The world is divided into regions for this tournament. Those at the top of their respective regions will then get to compete in the finals on the 16th. These players are the ones who stand a chance at the prize pool, and being able to claim they’re one of the best PS4 players out there.

How to Enter the PS4 Fortnite Tournament Celebration Cup

Exclusive PS4 Fortnite Turnament

Entering into this exclusive PS4 Fortnite tournament is pretty simple. You need to have your Epic account up to level 15 (Which is easy to do, even if you’re only just starting out), then simply, head to the compete section of the game and enter in on February 15th. In-game tournaments in Fortnite work in a pretty specific way. Rather than having a set time when players compete, you compete in a set amount of games. The event runs for 3 hours. Within this time window, you can play in 10 games. Your performance in these 10 games decides your placement for the event.

Points are awarded for a few different things. This is how it works:

  • Victory Royale – 10 Points.
  • Placing 2-5 – 7 Points.
  • 6 -15 – 5 Points.
  • 16 – 25 – 3 Points.
  • Eliminations – 1 Points Each.

Prize Pools

The prize pool for the event is going to work a bit differently depending on the day. The first day, you’re competing for in-game cosmetics and the second for actual money. This is what you could get from the exclusive PS4 tournament.

  • Tango Outfit, Pickaxe, and Spray – Finish in the top 5% of players on the first day.
  • Wild Accent Pickaxe and Spray – Finish in the top 25% of players on the first day.
  • Take Cover Spray – Finish in the top 50% of players on the first day.

The prize pool for the tournament on the second day is a little more complicated. As is often the case, you’ll receive more money in some regions than others. However, the top 1000 players will all receive a share of the prize pool. Full prize pools can be found here, if you need to look up your specific region. Europe comes out with the largest share for the winner of the event, with $3,000 going to first place.

Even if you’re usually a PC player, it might be worth checking in with the PS4 edition to try out this competition and see if you can get those exclusive cosmetics. The skin itself is likely to become one of the rarest in the future, with its ownership going to such a small slice of the player base. Our guides to Fortnite on consoles should help you get the best performance that you can, even on a PS4 instead of a PC.

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