How to Get the Merry Mint Pickaxe in Fortnite

Fortnite has lots of cosmetics available in the game between skins, pickaxes, and gliders. Its latest cosmetic addition is getting everybody worked up though. This new minty pickaxe for the game is quickly becoming one of the most sought after and may end up being one of the rarest cosmetics in the game. A lot of players have been left wondering what is the Merry Mint Pickaxe and how can you get it?

What is The Merry Mint Pickaxe?

The Merry Mint pickaxe was discovered by dataminers last week in the game’s files. Usually, the discovery of something by dataminers is a bit bigger than a single pickaxe. Yet, this single unobtainable pickaxe has generated more of a fuss than any Fortnite cosmetics in a long while.

The mystery was solved shortly afterward with an announcement by Epic. Rather than being obtained through the game’s store or completing objectives, the Merry Mint pickaxe can only be found by purchasing Fortnite merchandise in the flesh in participating retailers. It is available to those in the US, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

Since this is a retailer exclusive cosmetic, it is likely to become pretty rare in the future. The cosmetics that were sold with physical goods over the years have become some of the most sought after. In cases like this though, there are always ways to get this pickaxe without visiting a retailer. However, it is going to be a bit harder that way.

How to Get The Merry Mint Pickaxe

Merry Mint Pick Axe

If you want to get your hands on a Merry Mint Pickaxe, the easiest way is to buy something Fortnite related at a physical store. The only requirement is Fortnite merchandise, so with some careful consideration, you can pick this up relatively cheaply.

In The US

In the US, the Merry Mint pickaxe is available at GameStop. If you want to pick this up as cheap as possible, you need to find the least expensive bit of Fortnite merchandise. In GameStop stores, that is a Funko Pop keyring of a Fortnite character. These little bits of plastic are going to get you a code for the Merry Mint pickaxe for a lot less than it costs to pick it up online.

You could also purchase one of their V-Bucks cards for some in-game currency, useful if you’re planning on buying skins soon anyway.

In France and Germany

France and Germany’s retailers are yet to be announced for this promotion. It is possible that these codes won’t be available closer to Christmas.

In The UK

Merry Mint Pickaxe

In the UK, these codes are certain to be available through Game. The cheapest Fortnite item available at game is also a Pop keyring, but specifically the Cuddle Team Leader key ring. Alternatively, most local branches of Game have given out codes for other tie-ins like Pokémon with any purchase in the past.

Getting the Merry Mint Pickaxe Online

If you don’t want to make a physical in-person purchase for the sake of getting the Merry Mint pickaxe you can always buy one online. The typical cosmetic and code marketplaces are the best places to go for this as they provide the most protection. Be wary of buying unique codes through other means though, there are a lot of scams that operate by selling codes to items that don’t exist.

Should You Get The Merry Mint Pickaxe?

You likely don’t actually need the pickaxe. It is the latest cosmetic to capture everyone’s attention in Fortnite, but this status won’t last. By the New Year, the Merry Mint pickaxe will be an admittedly rare pickaxe that few players give much attention. However, if you’re after some of the rarest Fortnite cosmetics this is a good one to pick up or try to flip the code for a profit.

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  1. There is no way, Thanks for contacting us. Regrettably this is now out of stock with us so would not be able to be included with any orders. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  2. There aren’t any retailers in Australia running the offer themselves as far as I’m rare. Some people have bought something Fortnite related from Game.co.uk (The British retailer mentioned). Although, there is only a limited number of codes so it isn’t guaranteed that they’d actually ship one out, so you could just end up paying a fair bit of shipping for a keyring.

    Unless the scheme is extended to Australia, your best bet is going to be buying a code from a reseller. There are some on eBay, and established cosmetic selling sites like GameFlip, most will give you some protection in case the code doesn’t work.

    Otherwise, let Epic know you’re unhappy about being left out!

  3. I’m in Australia and my son is in Fiji asking me to buy for him online a merry minty package.Where is the right place to go online to buy?

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