How to Build Like the Pros in Fortnite

Pro players in Fortnite can build super fast. There are some basics to building as fast as possible but you need more advanced techniques to really elevate your play. If you really want to build like the pros, it takes some work. These techniques build on the muscle memory of the basic shapes. Once you’ve mastered the basic techniques for building, you can use these tips to really step up your speed. This will also give more variety to your building. With this, you can react to different events and do some of that high-level building that you see in streams.

Build Like the Pros with The Edit Key

You shouldn’t neglect the edit key. It’s easy to forget that it exists in the constant flurry or throwing up cover and ramps. However, if you want to build like the pros you have to utilize it. The edit key is one of the big differences between normal building and high-level fast building that you see in streams.

The basic structure to start building is a ramp and floor. The edit key can be used when doing this to remove any mistakenly placed wall or roof. This will naturally happen when you’re building at a high-speed. This quick correcting of mistakes will stop you from being punished for them. Then you are building as an offensive move rather than defensive.  This lets you continually build and adapt fast enough to make up for a mistake.

You should also use editing to ambush a player. Having your building extend over the other player will give them the impression that you’re either running away or making a mistake. Once you’re above of the other player, quickly using the edit button can let you drop down and ambush them. This is a quick and flashy elimination and one that your opponents will struggle to counter.

Building for a Purpose

Build Like The Pros
This fort is wide and essentially useless.

Practicing using the editing button will help you react quicker. Pro players can build and edit at those speeds because of an intense amount of practice. If you really want to build like the pros, you need to practice every maneuver over and over. Along with good key settings, this will make building second nature and free you up to focus on the rest of the game. Soon you will be building as a reflex while other players try to work out what they should build to get an advantage.

The higher your building goes, the more likely it is that someone will destroy the base of your unit. You should always make sure that you’re building more than single pieces. Single pieces allow you to be blown away easily by other players because they lack proper ground support. At the same time, building too wide can also cause you problems. Attempting to make your structures too big doesn’t serve any purpose. They might look nicer, but they just slow down your building without providing any real tactical advantage. To build like the pros, you have to keep your buildings wide enough that they can’t be easily destroyed, but condescend enough that they are not too visible or take too long to construct.

Getting the Height Advantage

Build Like The Pros
This isn’t the sort of height advantage that you want.

You should be building just until you get the height advantage. Once you have this advantage over other players, editing the structure will let you catch your opponents off guard and quickly end the encounter. A properly thought out structure can be re-used in most circumstances. Doing this repeatedly will give you the practice that you need to make these movements second nature. To build like the pros, what you really need to develop is good muscle memory.

These simple techniques will set you above the majority of players. As you get quicker and quicker with your building, you’ll find your tactics more and more resemble pro players. Most players base all of their building around these basics, once you master them you will be an expert builder.


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