HighDistortion Fortnite Settings & Keybinds

HighDistortion Fortnite Video & Game Settings​

Video SettingsInput
Window Mode:Fullscreen
Resolution:1920×1080 16:9
Frame rate limit:Unlimited
3D Resolution:1920×1080 (100%)
View Distance:Epic
Post Processing:Low
Motion Blur:Off
Show FPS:On
Brightness Calibration:0.50

Game settingsInput
Mouse Sensitivity X:0.065
Mouse Sensitivity Y:0.065
Controller Sensitivity X:0.700
Controller Sensitivity Y:0.680
Mouse Targeting Sensitivity:0.857
Mouse Scope Sensitivity:0.617
Controller Targeting Sensitivity:0.430
Controller Scope Sensitivity:0.430
Controller Building Sensitivity:1.756
Controller Edit Mode Sensitivity:1.430
HUD Scale:1.00
Aim Assist:On
Edit Delay:0.100

HighDistortion Build Controls

Toggle PickaxeY
Trap Picker / Place / InteractX
Switch ModeB
InventoryUp on Pad
UnboundLeft on Pad
Change Material / TrapRight on Pad
Emote PickerDown on Pad
Rotate / Repair / Change TrapR3

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HighDistortion Gear

HighDistortion PC

HighDistortion Setup

HighDistortion Fortnite Settings, Keybinds and Gear Setup

What are HighDistortion's Fortnite Settings, Keybinds & Gear?

Jimmy Moreno, a.k.a HighDistortion, is the first player in Fortnite to reach 100k eliminations. This famous streamer plays for team TSM and is a popular figure on Twitch. He’s often spotted playing intense scrim matches with Dakotaz and doesn’t hesitate to push for a kill. Jimmy hit his stardom when he started broadcasting Solo vs Squad matches and started raking in 20-30 kills/match.

Jimmy uses a very high DPI value and has also set his sensitivity values to 0.7. Clearly his style of play requires you to move fast and get into a lot of close range battles. Hence, adopt this style is you’re already familiar with close-range aggressive play.

HighDistortion is American.

HighDistortion currently uses the Xbox One Wireless gaming controller.

HighDistortion currently uses the Asus ROG Swift PG258Q gaming Monitor.

HighDistortion currently uses the Sennheiser HD 700 gaming headset.

HighDistortion currently uses the ASUS DUAL GeForce RTX 2080 gaming GPU.

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