GronKy Fortnite Settings & Keybinds

GronKy Fortnite Video & Game Settings​

Video SettingsInput
Window Mode:Fullscreen
Resolution:1920×1080 16:9
Frame rate limit:Unlimited
3D Resolution:1920×1080 (100%)
View Distance:Epic
Post Processing:Low
Motion Blur:Off
Show FPS:On
Brightness Calibration:0.55
Color Blind Mode
Deueranope 5

Game settingsInput
Controller Sensitivity X:0.653
Controller Sensitivity Y:0.600
Controller Targeting Sensitivity:0.427
Controller Scope Sensitivity:0.398
Controller Building Sensitivity:1.962
Controller Edit Sensitivity:2.000
HUD Scale:0.90
Aim Assist:On
Edit Delay

GronKy Build Controls

Toggle PickaxeY
Trap Picker / Rotate / InteractX
Switch ModeB
InventoryUp on Pad
JumpRight on Pad
Replay Emote
Left on Pad

Sprint / Auto RunL3
Crouch / Repair / Building ResetR3

NICKMERCS fortnite controller settings

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Audio Settings

Game Settings

Game Settings

Game Settings

Brightness Settings

Combat Controls

Build Controls

Edit Controls

GronKy Gear

GronKy PC Setup

Gronky Fortnite Settings, Keybinds and Gear Setup

What are GronKy's Fortnite Settings, Keybinds & Gear?

Gronky recently signed for Ghost gaming and is surely looking to improve his competitive profile. He made his name by making Fortnite tutorial videos and has more that 300k subscribers on his YouTube channel. Gronky plays on controller and is often posting videos with regards to the latest tips and tricks available to console players. He also streams daily on Twitch and is going to be playing for Ghost gaming this year.

Gronky’s keybind setting are similar to the default settings. He uses slightly different sensitivity settings.

GronKy is an American.

GronKy currently uses the Xbox Elite Wireless gaming controller.

GronKy currently uses the Alienware AW2518H monitor.

GronKy currently uses the Astro A40 TR gaming headset.

GronKy currently uses the Intel Core I7-9700K CPU.

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