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Fortnite x Batman and V10.30.1

Fortnite’s latest update has brought one of the weirder patches to the game, it is a crossover with Batman. Rather than tinkering around with things this latest update has instead brought the Caped Crusader to the game. This crossover is more than just skins too. There is quite a bit of content in the Fortnite x Batman update, including a new map area with its own rules. It will be a fun change of pace for the game.

However, it wouldn’t really be Fortnite Season 10 if the update didn’t fiddle with one aspect of the game rather than just adding things. It has made a change to the way that final storms move that will affect the end game of every single match. Coming just before the final round of a tournament, this is weird timing, to say the least.

The Fortnite x Batman crossover is going to be active in Arena playlists as well as the regular Battle Royale mode. This means whether you’re trying to progress through the Arena mode to compete, rack up more kills, or just messing around in casual matches you will get a chance to visit Gotham.

Fortnite x Batman Crossover

Fortnite x Batman

 The Fortnite x Batman crossover has brought some new items and a new map addition. Like most additions in Season 10, this POI is a bit more than a new backdrop.

Fortnite v Batman – Gotham City

  • Titled Towers has been transformed into Gotham City.
  • When in Gotham City, you’ve got unlimited access to Glider Redeploys. It doesn’t quite feel as authentic as the Arkham games, but it is something.
  • The Final Storm Circle won’t occur here.

Gotham City is going to be a pretty heavily trafficked area over the course of the event. If you’re looking to rack up kills in a crowded area, it’s a great place to land.

Fortnite x Batman Grapnel Gun

  • This grappling hook is a new item added in.
  • Available only in Mythic variety.
  • Found in floor loot, chests, supply dogs, and llamas.
  • The Grapnel Gun comes with 10 charges.
  • Once you reach the full height of being launched, you will pull out a bat cape. This can be used just like any other Glider.

Explosive Batarang

Fortnite x Batman

  • This item only comes in the Mythic variant.
  • This is available in floor loot, chests, supply drops, and llamas.
  • This comes in stacks of 5.
  • The max size you can carry is 10.
  • It is a consumable item.
  • When you throw it, it will travel in an arc towards an opponent.
  • It explodes when it gets close to an opponent.
  • It does 50 damage to players and 200 damage to the environment.
  • If it damages the environment, it will remain and stick to its landing spot. It then turns into a proximity mine.
  • If the mine-batarang was yours, you can pick it back up to use again.

Other Gameplay Changes with Fortnite x Batman

While the Bat themed additions are the most exciting thing to come to Fortnite in this update, the game has received some other changes.

Final Storm Circles

The final storm circle has seen a few changes. Its location is still unpredictable. However, it will no loner appear at these locations:

  • Moisty Palms
  • Greasy Grove
  • Retail Row
  • Pressure Plant

This is going to be in play in every single game mode.

Party Hub

A more centralized system for talking to friends in Fortnite has been added with party Hub. This is less to do with the game and more to do with the social side. How to use these new features is detailed here.

With the latest addition to the game you’ll have plenty of challenges to be completed. If you want to carry on playing your best, you’ve got to make sure you’re using the best Fortnite settings and getting the best frames per second possible.

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