Fortnite World Cup Scheduled on July 2019 – $30 million Total Prize!

Epic has announced the dates for their highly anticipated Fortnite World Cup esport event that includes a $30 million prize pool. In this recent blog, Epic has officially declared July 26th to 28th 2019 as the dates for the World Cup finals. Apart from this, Epic is also set to host weekly tournaments in different modes to make sure players of all formats are included in the tournaments.

For all of 2019, Epic is has earmarked a total of $100 million in prize money. Even after the World Cup, Epic will continue to host weekly tournaments offering a prize pool of $1 million per tournament. The major share of the $100 million budget has been allotted for the world cup and promotions to its build-up is going to start soon.

Fortnite World Cup – The Breakdown

How to Enroll

This edition of the World Cup is open to all players. Epic will be running weekly qualifiers from 13th April to 16th June.  Points and performance stats will be collected and the best players proceed to the next round.

How Many Players get in? 

Based on the qualifier results, the top 100 Solo players and the top 50 Duo teams will be selected to participate in the world cup finals.

Where is This Event Held?

The Fortnite world cup finals will be held in New York City, USA.

Tournament and Qualifier Details

Each weekly qualifier event has been allotted 1$ million in total prize money. Epic also mentions that extra tournaments will be available during the finals featuring different modes and custom challenges.

Players who qualify for the World Cup finals will already earn themselves a hefty $50k for making it this far. The prize allotted for esport events are going to keep going up with Epic raising the stakes to a whole new level. No other game title has allowed all its users to participate in events such as the Fortnite World Cup.

Kids from the age of 13 years can participate in this event (13-17 year old kids need a signed consent form filled out).  With millions of players and fans slated to view the tournament, we are sure to see some well known pros atop the leaderboards. But be on the lookout for the Cinderella story of the Tournament as we are destined to see lesser known players make their mark.

In Other News

Epic might bring the Apex Legends style “respawning” to Fortnite.

In Apex Legends, once a player dies he can still respawn into the game if his teammate delivers his tag to a “respawn beacon” within a specific time. This feature allows players to get back in the game even if they had been finished off previously. Many of the top streamers have applauded this style of respawning which is relatively new in the battle royale genre.

In a recent Reddit post, a Fortnite fan had asked if there is any chance of bringing in a Apex Legends style respawning into the game. Epic’s Design lead Eric Williamson replied stating that they are testing this option and might include it in Season 8.

Are you going to be participating in this years Fortnite World cup? What other features of Apex Legends would you like to see in Fortnite?



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