Fortnite V9.41 & the Future of Competitive

The Fortnite World Cup took place over the weekend, showing some of the best pro players at the height of their game. Although, having a $30,000,000 tournament running hasn’t prevented Epic from bringing new content to the game. V9.41 has brought some new items to the game that could completely change things. We’ve also received some big teasers about Season 10 of Fortnite. As the season-ending event draws closer, it is nice to still be getting such regular additions to the game.

Season 9 still has some life left in it. The new weapons added in V9.41 haven’t quite addressed all of the problems in the game but they have brought some new ways to play. The new sniper rifle joins the Chug Splash, Storm flip, and Air Strikes as additional weapons with some really impressive special features. Each brings something new to a stale mechanics in the game.

Inspired by the recent tournament to get back involved in serious Fortnite? Then you need to catch up on all the changes of V9.41.

Weapons and items in V9.41

Fortnite V9.41

  • Storm Scout Sniper Rifle –This is a brand new Sniper Rifle in the game that has something really special about it; it allows you to see the location of the next storm circle. This gives you much greater visibility over the narrative of the game. You shouldn’t be caught out by the storm while using this weapon. You can view this by looking down the scope. It has a damage rate of 81/85 with Headshot damage of 202/212. The rifle fires 1.1 rounds per second, using heavy ammo, and has a reload speed of 2.7 seconds. It is the biggest edition in V9.41 and could be very helpful for a trained sniper.
  • Birthday Presents – You can find these birthday presents around the map to pick up some legendary tier items. They are here to commemorate Fortnite’s second birthday. This item isn’t available in Arena mode.
  • Birthday Cake –This birthday cake will give you some health and shield, a nice present but not exactly game-changing.  This new item in V9.41 isn’t available in Arena mode.

Fortnite V9.41

Season 10

Alongside an update to the game, Epic has teased some details about the upcoming Tenth Season of Fortnite. The image shared with players depicts Dusty Depot. This was a point of the interest in the game up until it was struck by a meteor. After burning, it turned into Dusty Divot. While plenty of Fortnite places of interest have been destroyed and replaced over the course of two seasons, the return of an old location is something different.

It is unknown how this is going to link into the giant fight between robots and monsters going on in the game. Fortnite’s lore has never exactly been important. What is interesting is the return to Fortnite’s early map. With recent Limited Time modes only using equipment from Fortnite’s first year of existence, is it possible Epic is going to get a bit nostalgic with their tenth season?

Fortnite V9.41

Competitive Changes

The Fortnite World Cup saw teenagers take home just about every prize on offer. Bugha took home the top solo prize and shot to instant fame. It even saw some controller players beat out all but one team of mouse and keyboard devotees, opening the play style up as a more legitimate way of playing.

The Fortnite World Cup, which has long dominated the competitive Fortnite scene, is now over. Epic has already released some details of what is coming next. Season 10 will see the launch of the Fortnite Championship series. This is going to be an ongoing competitive league that keeps the results of every game in mind, rather than just games over a specific period. No more details are known yet, but we are likely to learn more once Season 10 begins

If you’re serious about entering these tournaments, then you need to make sure you’re running the best Fortnite settings and key binds. If you’re running the best frames per second possible in Fortnite, you should stand the best chance in these events.

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