Fortnite V9.30 Patch Notes

Recently, Epic has really been outdoing themselves with content updates. Granted, most of the changes in these updates are more about balancing previous additions than adding brand new elements, but it is a lot to keep track of all the same. If you’re looking for information on how your competitive strategy has been ruined by the latest update, you’re going to be out of luck. V9.30 has corrected a lot of exploits but has largely avoided doing anything too destructive!

Season 9’s new weapons have continued to be rotated. Over the course of the season, we’ve seen Proximity Grenades Launchers and the Storm Flip added. Both are game-changing additions while they last. The newest big change that has come with V9.30 is the Chug Splash, which should change up how you chug your healing items.  This update has also seen the vaulting of some of the less fortunate additions and more map changes. One house in Snobby Shores has been entirely demolished.

If you’re feeling yourself distracted from Fortnite with the newest competitive shooters and Royales taking up more of your time, maybe V9.30 is the one to bring you back to the fold.

The Chug Splash

Fortnite V9.30

There have been a few new additions to Fortnite with the latest update, but the biggest is the Chug Splash.

  • Chug Splash – The Chug Splash is kind of an answer to a question nobody asked, ‘why can’t I throw a bottle at my mate and have it heal him?’. Epic has brought in this new item which makes glassing someone an act of kindness. The Chug Splash resembles a six pack of Chug Jugs, but it isn’t as good as the name implies. It is a throwable item. Once it hits the ground every player is the splash radius is granted 20 health immediately. If their health is already full, they receive twenty shield. This increase stacks on top of any amount of health and shield so it is a more valid healing option than small shields or bandages. It is of the Rare variant and drops in stacks of two.
  • Is it Worth Using? – Coming in a stack of two, a typical Chug Splash drop is going to give you 40 shield or 40 health. In the opening stages of a game, it is a useful item to use to get your shield up, but be aware that you’re going to be shy of a full shield unless you also use small shields first or happen upon multiple large shields. For healing purposes, they’re great. There is no time taken to consume a Chug Splash so it is invaluable during combat or end-game situations, despite the danger of it healing an enemy in your radius. The Chug Splash is definitely worth loading up on to keep yourself healed later in the game.

Balancing Changes in V9.30

It wouldn’t really be Fortnite if Epic didn’t fiddle with every item you’ve gotten used to. It compensates adding in something useful. Since the Chug Splash is going to be making a big difference to your late-game plans, you need to get adjusted to these vital weapon changes to ensure you keep winning games in V9.30.

  • Shoguns –The ‘Swap Delay’ has been removed. This added some cool down in when switching between shotguns, it is now gone so feel free to carry as many as you want.
  • Combat Shotgun –This isn’t as effective at a long-range anymore. Its damage at a medium distance has been reduced by 10% and long distances by 20%.
  • Vaulted –The Boom Bow, Dual Pistols, and Dynamite have all been vaulted. This probably isn’t a change in V9.30 that many will mourn.
  • Proximity Grenade Launcher –Players can no longer ride the projectiles. Let’s face it, this was an accidental feature that was bound to be removed pretty quick. You can still ride the rockets that come from rocket launchers though if you feel like re-enacting a Kubrick movie.
  • Bug Fixes –The usual array of minor bugs being fixed. Notably, a few annoyances with the Rift to Go have been fixed.

The new shotgun changes make it a perfect time to practice some long-range combat. If you usually rely on getting up close and personal, learning how to snipe is now essential. You need to polish up on this to keep winning games in V9.30

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