Fortnite V11.50 Patch Notes

Fortnite V11.50 has launched this week. The latest update brings some long-awaited changes to the game, including the use of a brand new engine. Alongside this is some news about some upcoming crossovers and events. Fortnite has been going through a bit of a dry spell in recent months, so this newest update should be enough to bring some players back. While this season is due to run for a few weeks longer, there is finally a new batch of content for players to get stuck in to.

Fortnite has some tougher competition than usual at the moment, Apex Legends has just launched its biggest season yet. However, Fortnite is hitting on its normal tactics to bring players in. First and foremost, is a crossover event. This time the game is colliding with upcoming ‘Birds of Prey’ movie, the latest in a long line of DC Comics crossover events. Fortnite V11.50 has also introduced a valentine’s day event Love and War, which is coming with cool features and challenges.

Fortnite Chapter 2 has sprung back to life with this update. If you want to stay on top of all changes though, you’ve got to pay attention to the patch notes. This is all that’s changed with the latest update.

Fortnite V11.50 Patch Notes – Changes and New Features

The latest update has brought quite a few changes to the game, but the most important things are the brand new elements that have been introduced.

Love and War

Fortnite V11.50 Patch Notes

  • This is a Valentine’s Day event. It features a Search and Destroy LTM.
  • There will be challenges that you complete throughout the event to earn rewards. You can get a free pick-ax and emote from this event, so you’ll want to play through all the challenges.
  • This is active until February 17th.
  • Event skins are available in the store.

Engine Change

  • The game has moved on to Unreal Engine’s Chaos Physics System.
  • This is supposed to not affect gameplay. Everything should feel as it did, but with some performance improvements.
  • If you experience any physics issues, reporting it in-game is going to be helpful so they can iron these bugs out quickly.

Birds of Prey Crossover

Fortnite V11.50 Patch Notes

  • A Birds of Prey crossover event has been announced.
  • A tie-in skin is now in the store, to unlock extra styles you have to complete three objectives.
  • The objectives are: Place in the top 30 in Solo, Duos, or Squads, then top 20, and finally top 10.
  • Hit weak points.
  • Deal damage using pickaxe.
  • The skin and challenges are available to February 17th.

Other changes in Fortnite V11.50

There have been some other changes to made to Fortnite V11.50, but these aren’t major alterations. These are all of the small differences you might notice.

  • Launch Pads have been vaulted in non-competitive modes.
  • Overtime Challenge Bug fixes.
  • Sidegrading removed from competitive modes. Epic claims this was never meant to be in this playlists, so it has been removed permanently.

Those are all of the major changes in Fortnite V11.50. The new engine should have some impact on your PC’s performance. This makes it a great time to check in with your in-game settings. Now the game should be back to running smoothly, using the right settings is going to help you make sure you’re getting the best FPS you possibly can and boost your reaction times.

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