Fortnite V11.31 Patch Notes – Official and Unofficial Changes

Fortnite Chapter 2 has been a lot of fun so far, and the recent addition of a whole load of new content has got players busy over winter. However, with new content comes in an awful lot of patches. Epic has returned to providing patch notes after a brief hiatus at the beginning of Chapter 2 but these aren’t exactly full. They’re still making quite a lot of changes that they’re keeping under wraps. This guide covers every change found in the V11.31 patch notes. This includes those announced by Epic and the secret ones found by players.

The Fortnite V11.31 patch notes cover a lot of new content for the game. There are new features and game modes, along with additions to the core game’s roster. This latest content update is proving that there is plenty of life left in Season 11, or Chapter 2 Season 1, even if Epic doesn’t want to tell players about it directly!

New Content – Fortnite V11.31 Patch Notes

Fortnite V11.31

This latest update has brought some new additions to the game. This is how they work:

Battle Labs

Battle Labs is a brand new mode that has come to Fortnite. This gives you complete control over the game your playing, with the freedom to play around with Fortnite’s options. This is distinctly different from the Sandbox mode, meeting halfway between that freedom and the competitive spirit of the Battle Royale. These latest additions add even more to do in Fortnite, making it a real contender for the most fleshed out Battle Royale. This is how it works:

  • You can set up your own Battle Royale for up to 15 friends, or use matchmaking in a public game.
  • Settings can be changed, like selecting loot pools and bots.
  • You can even change gravity and fall damage.
  • This is a quicker way to create a custom game than in Creative.

Other New Additions

  • Zone Wars – Four LTM maps have been added into zone wars in V11.31.
  • Winterfest has Begun – Winterfest has started which is bringing free items for all players and some new challenges.
  • Snow and Map Changes – We’ve had some snow added and changes made to the map. These include new additions like the cabin. This is the first major change to the new Chapter 2 map, so these spots are bound to be pretty popular.

Other Changes in Fortnite V11.31 Patch Notes

Fortnite V11.31

While those are the new features and the things that most fans are going to get excited about, there are a lot of smaller changes that are going to impact how you play. This is what has been altered in v11.31:

  • Playgrounds moved to creative.
  • Unvaulted weapons – This is happening every day during the Winterfest. These are the weapons that are coming:
  • Auto Sniper Rifle
  • Bouncer
  • Chug Jug
  • Heavy Assault Rifle
  • LaunchPad
  • Shockwaves
  • Slurp Juice
  • Chug Splash
  • Mini Gun
  • Tactical SMG
  • Stinker Bomb
  • Boogie Bomb
  • Heavy Sniper Rifle
  • Infantry Rifle
  • Hoverboard
  • Suppressed Assault Rifle
  • Silenced SMG
  • Campfire
  • Shield Bubbles
  • Junk Rifts
  • Flint Knock Pistol
  • Revolver
  • Hand cannon
  • Zapper trap
  • Items and Skins bought with exploited currency removed from accounts
  • Bug Fixes

That is quite a bit content being cycled in and out of the game with Fortnite V11.31. This makes a big change from how Chapter 2 has been so far, without many additions to the weapons roster.

If you’re still getting to grips with the latest season or want to refresh yourself to play with this new content, our guides to Chapter 2, its new mechanics, forgeable items, healing and shield locations, and settings can help you there!

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