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Fortnite Trios Tips and Tricks

Fortnite has finally added a Trios game mode! This comes after an awful lot of speculation that the mode would make it in following the release of Apex Legends. Epic did hold off for quite a while, and the fuss over Apex Legends has definitely subsided. However, trios are now a proper game mode in Fortnite. Most players have settled into playing as Solos or Duos, or even occasionally Squads. The addition of a three-player mode presents a few challenges to players. You can’t use your Duos tactics since there is one spare person, and you’ll be short-handed using your normal Squads tactics.

One solution would be to avoid Trios, but where’s the fun in that? The Season 10 Arena Mode even features Duos in center stage, pointing towards the mode being used in future competitive events. This makes it a great time to start playing Fortnite in the Trios mode and master it. These are some important tips and tricks for playing the Trios mode.

Fortnite Trios General Tips and Tricks

Fortnite Trios Tips and Tricks

  • Match Your Play Style –You’ve got to be in a team that works well as a Trio. Competitive players who are already excelling at Trios are doing so because every player is working together. You have to ensure you all stick to the same type of game plan to avoid getting lost.
  • Communication –  This is vital for playing well as a team. The more players there are the more communication is important. However, you don’t know to describe every little thing that you see. This isn’t a particularly productive way to play the game. Instead, prioritize your communication so you’re not just irritating your teammates. Call out what you need to call out and ensure you’re all clear on what you’re doing. This will help you to keep your tactics aligned.
  • Landing Spot –You need to pick the right landing spot. It needs to contain enough loot and materials for three players. It is helpful to discuss this prior to launching into the game to prevent being on the Battle Bus debating. Feel free to break up to loot, but try to get back together in time to not get exposed.

Fortnite Trios Combat Tips and Tricks

Fortnite Trios Tips and Tricks

  • Play Aggressively – In a Trios match, you can’t really escape from another team easily. With three players, at least one is going to be able to get you while retreating. Because of this, all three players on your team need to be willing to push at any other team you encounter.
  • Stay close in the Endgame – In the later portions of a match, you need to stay as close together as possible. This doesn’t make you an easy target in a small storm, it just makes it difficult for anyone to attack you. There is safety in numbers in the last storm.
  • High Ground –Just like other games, it is important to go for the high ground in Trios. When you’re all on the high ground, you need to ensure that your entire team is capable of getting the high ground, or someone will be left behind.
  • Align Your Attacks – If you’re playing as a Trio, if you all attack the same player at once they don’t stand much of a chance. Calling out a player out in the open will allow all three of you to attack nearly simultaneously. This is going to wipe out the other player and make another team into a Duo, and a much easier target.
  • Crossfire –Putting one of your teammates into the crosshair makes it difficult for an enemy to actually land a shot. They will become distracted by this intrusion into the firefight. This allows the other two team members to take much more open shots. Healing is easier with more teammates, don’t be afraid to take some damage.

How to Win in Fortnite Trios

Fortnite Trios is similar to Duos, but it does allow for some more complex tactics. Trios is likely to be in the game for quite a while, and in focus for at least this season. If you want to win more Trios matches in Fortnite then these tips and tricks are a great place to start. However, every member of your team also needs to be running the best Fortnite setting sand getting the best frames per second that they can in the game.

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