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Fortnite Tracking Guide

The key to landing more of your shots in Fortnite is just to aim better. A lot of this comes down to your equipment, and how you’re using it. You can’t expect yourself to aim dead on if your screen resolution is running at a much lower frame rate than everyone else in the game. However, even with a perfect set up giving you the best frames per second possible in Fortnite, you might still be missing. You need to work on improving your aim, there are resources for you to practice but there’s one big part of aim that you need to master to actually implement a straighter shot; tracking.

Tracking while aiming goes beyond simply aiming better. It is the ability to predict and move your shot across a moving target. Firing at a moving target is one thing, but completely tracking the movement of an enemy to keep your aim dead-on is another thing entirely. Pro players demonstrate this really easily.

In that game, Tfue was able to hit enemies that quickly because of lightning-fast reflexes in tracking. Perfect tracking is done as muscle memory is what pro players use to hit the right spot so quickly. If you want to get better at aiming in Fortnite, you have to start with tracking.

Settings for Optimized Tracking

Fortnite Tracking Aim

Tracking is really important for aim, but what you need to do to get better at aiming and tracking has to start with your settings and sensitivity. Using the best overall settings should help you run the game at the best possible frames per second. It isn’t just FPS though, it is also about getting the game running as smoothly as possible. This means no clipping or low draw distances, a smooth experience entirely when playing Fortnite.

With your settings optimized, you need to turn to sensitivities. Your sensitivity in Fortnite is going to depend on what you’re most comfortable with. In general, you should avoid fiddling too much with sensitivity. Keeping it stable can help you develop muscle memory. If you move it around too much, you will struggle to internalize your new sensitivity and your aim will feel a little off. Take some time to find the sensitivities that work for you and then keep them at that setting.

You should try and have your sensitivities low enough to allow for a wide range of movements. To achieve this, you need a big enough mouse pad to allow for that space.

Mouse Pads


There are also some changes to your actual set up that you need to make for better tracking. An often overlooked one is the mousepad. While most of the world left these things behind with Windows 98, mousepads are still entirely vital to online gaming. This guide runs you through some of the best ones on the market right now for smooth movement. Even if you’ve got a great mouse, a bad mouse pad can ruin it. It is a nice upgrade you can make to improve your play for less than building a whole new PC.

Comfort while playing is another factor. Make sure your arm isn’t under any stress. Think it like being accurate in doing anything else delicate with your arm, you need to take the stress off of it.

Tracking with Guns

Fortnite Tracking Aim

The way that combat in Fortnite tends to work means that tracking is more important for some weapon than others. Close Combat is usually decided by building and manoeuvring as much as physical aim, with aiming with your body coming into play as well. If you want to improve your tracking, you should focus on mid and long-range weapons. This will help you keep track of targets that are moving at a distance. Perfect tracking with these harder weapons, and you will have an easier time aiming with any weapon.

If you want to improve your tracking the best thing to do is to get hands in experience. You should start each game with finding a weapon with a similar fire rate and feel. It should be something that handles the same every time, so you have consistency while practicing.

The first step in practicing your tracking should be to practice moving your reticule to compensate for your own movement. Aim at a static point at a distance, and move away keeping your aim over the correct spot.  After you’ve tried this out, you can move onto living players. For a while, your tracking isn’t going to result in a decent shot. You have to keep practicing keeping your aim over a player, without necessarily moving it.

Practicing Tracking

Fortnite Tracking Aim

Your tracking is going to start slow and get faster and more accurate with time. Every time you lose your target while trying to track, try to work out why. If they did some unexpected behaviour like turning, try to watch out for tell tale signs of their character model so you know how to track that behaviour in future. Each scenario is different, so by correcting your mistakes in live play you will learn how to track under any circumstances that you’re likely to encounter.

Tracking can only really be done effectively if you’re using the right settings. This is just one part of having good aim in Fortnite, which itself is only part of the game compared with building. And if you really don’t have time to practice, you could always just call in an airstrike.

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