Fortnite Supply Llama locations – All the Loot Llamas Spawn Locations

Click on the circles on the map to know more about the loot llama locations. In the new Season 5 of Fortnite, you have to Search a Supply Llama in order to complete week 1’s challenge.


Southwest from Pleasant Park

South from Greasy Grove

Southeast from Titled Towers

Northwest from Loot Lake

Southwest from Salty Springs

Southeast from Salty Springs

West from Fatal Fields

Northwest from Tomato Town

Far eastern corner from Salty Springs

Southeast from the Prison

East from Retail Row

Around Paradise Palms

Southeast from Paradise Palms

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If the map above doesn’t work, here’s an image.

Fortnite Supply Llama Locations
Click to view larger image

The reddit user Overwatchero4 did an incredible 200 hours or research, where he located over 2000 supply llama locations in Fortnite Battle Royale. He and his friends have used the replay system within Fortnite and YouTube to find these Llamas. He reports in the comments that 59% of the llamas spawned in trees or mountains, and 23% on roofs or raised grounds. So definitely take a peek at high grounds as well when searching for llamas!

However it’s worth noticing that the llamas spawn location is random, that means it can literally spawn everywhere. So this heat map doesn’t necessarily mean that you will find a llama there every game. Remember, only 3 lamas spawn per game.

Llama Hot Spot in Fortnite
Credit: Reddit user Overwatchero4

Red color means most Llamas found, and blue the least Llamas found. 

Search a Supply Llama

As you migh have heard the long waited supply llama’s have entered the Fortnite world. They are very rare and there will only spawn 3 per game, at random locations. 

Some have probably not even seen one, yet. Here is the locations of the llama spawns and hopefully you will have a change to find one.

If you manage to get hold of one, you will be rewarded greatly. This will probably give you a good start in a Battle Royale game as the main drop is resources, and we all know how important that is. 

The llamas drop contains:

  • 500 (Nerfed to 200) Wood, Stone, Metal
  • 10 stacks of each ammo type (no longer drops explosive ammo)
  • 3 Traps
  • Consumables

Supply Llama Locations

  • C4 – Pleasant Park
  • G7 – Salty Springs
  • I9 – Moisty Mire
  • H5 – Prison
  • I6 – Retail Row
  • I8 – Moisty Mire
  • C7 – Greasy Grove
  • D6 – Tilted Towers
  • F7 – Southwest from Salty Springs
  • F7 – Southeast from Salty Springs
  • F8 – West from Fatal Fields
  • E4 – Loot Lake
  • G3 – Tomato Town
  • I9 – Southeast from Moisty Mire

So make sure to have a look at these locations if you are near by. They are opened just like any other treasure chest. 

However, you could smash it to open it as well. 

The opening time of this chest is slightly longer that the regular ones (around 5 seconds to open). Building some walls for cover might be a good idea if you are feeling you always gets killed while looting. 

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