Fortnite Slurp Locations

Fortnite Chapter 2 has innovated with the inventory list available to players. Weapons have been cut down to the bare minimum, and healing is done through environmental items as much as those in your inventory. One of the most interesting aspects of Chapter 2 is the way its handled shield. As well as finding shield in potions as with previous Seasons, a lot of your shield healing is now handled environmentally. Slurp Barrels and even Slurp Trucks can be found around the map which operates like a chug splash. These healing locations are really useful for players looking to optimize their rotation through the map. This guide covers everything you need to know about the Slurp locations in the Fortnite Chapter 2 map guide.

There are a few different types of material in the overworld that are going to give you some shield. All of these have the Slurp branding in common. Fortnite isn’t exactly big on lore. However, the Chapter 2 map seems to indicate Slurp Juice is produced at one big factory, with delivery trucks and barrels moving it around the map from here. The Slurp factory on the map is ground zero for the flow of this free shield into the world. Keep this in mind when you’re looking for locations, as they mainly make sense of the idea of this distribution center.

If you’re after a landing spot that is filled with free shield, the factory and swamp are great spots. Otherwise, though, you need to make the most out of the smaller slurp locations for those free top-ups to your shield. These slurp locations will always have slurp for you to pick up. This makes them one of the few reliable places to farm a resource in the entire game.

What Are Slurp Locations in Fortnite Chapter 2?

Fortnite Slurp Locations Guide

There are a few different types of slurp locations on the Chapter 2 map. The biggest is the vat and trucks, these give you loads of shield. However, there are also smaller barrels that work a lot better for Solo players. These are the types you can find on the map.

Slurpy Swamp

  • This an area just outside of the large Slurp factory. The entire place is filled with slurp, so this is an easy spot to get some shield.

Slurp Barrels

  • These are located around the map. Destroying them gives you some shield, this works like the Chug Splash from Chapter 1 by giving everyone in the local area a burst of shield.

Slurp Trucks

  • These are full trucks full of Slurp that give you a major shield boost. These things take a little longer to destroy. Their large area also runs the risk of unintentionally healing an enemy unless you’re certain you’re alone.

Slurp Vat

  • This is a vat of slurp in the Slurp Factory. Standing in it will begin to heal you over time. This is similar to the Campfires, but it is a lot rarer. Everyone knows where this vat is because of a challenge in previous weeks, making it a magnet for picking off weak players.

Epic seems pretty big on Slurp at the moment, this even extends to bizarre merchandise. These are your options for savaging shield in the game. While most of these are located in some easy to find places, you need to be on the lookout for them throughout the game.

How to Use the Slurp Barrels and Trucks

Since there are a few different ways of getting slurp in this map, you have to do different things to get them all. A slurp barrel or truck needs to be destroyed to unleash the slurp inside. The healing effect is spread to anyone who is close to it. However, the Slurp Vat will not grant any healing effect when destroyed. To use the vat properly you have to sit inside of it.

If you want to get that healing effect without waiting to destroy the entire barrel, or in some cases an entire truck, then there is another solution. Placing a roof piece so it is just clipping into the barrel will destroy the barrel so it can be safely built. This will instantly give you the payout from the barrel rather than having to pick-ax it. However, this trick obviously doesn’t work with the huge slurp truck.

Where to Find Slurp Locations

Fortnite Slurp Locations Guide

If you’re looking for slurp locations in each game, you’ve got to keep a few things in mind. These barrels and trucks are spread out all across the map. However, in most cases, they aren’t there in enough bulk to warrant planning a route around them. These are pretty common items, but only in a stack of one of two. If you want to find a Slurp location quick, you need to head for a gas station or the Slurpy Swamp.

The Slurp Factory has Slurp barrels and trucks located on just about every road or indent. Slurp barrels are mainly clustered in stacks, giving you a good amount of shield. The trucks are pretty hard to miss.

You can also head into the woods in the swamp. The pools of water in here will grant you a slurp effect. Presumably, this is because of some shady dumping being undertaken by the Slurp Co.

Are Slurp Locations Important?

The Slurp that is scattered around the map is a great tool and players would be silly to ignore it. However, it isn’t the only method of healing. You should stay aware of these spots as a get out of jail free card. The larger spots like Slurpy Swamp are going to be full of other payers looking to heal. Unless you can move with some stealth, it isn’t a great place to flee for a quick heal. Instead, you need to be aware of the slurp locations and use them to top up your shield if you’re rotating around that area. The storm can also make Slurpy Swamp a mid-game hot zone, this always leads to some fun as players can heal as quickly as you can damage them.

If you’re still trying to get to grips with everything Chapter 2 has to offer, our guides to fishing, the new map, and the new weapons tiers should be helpful for you. You should also make sure you’re running the best settings and getting the best frames per second possible in Chapter 2, with the graphics taking a step up many players’ performance has dipped.

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