News: Fortnite Secret Skrimish Results + Tfue Gets a Fortnite Tattoo

Epic had held a Secret Skirmish tournament for selected invitees.  A prize pool of $500k USD was allotted for the tournament and it was held over a period of two days. Day 1 hosted a duos tournament and Day 2 was all about solos.

Fortnite was able to get back on the top of the “most watched game” list this weekend with everyone tuning in to watch their favorite stars in action. The last update before the tournament got positive feedback from the community and players have been queuing up to play the game.

Let’s take a look at results of the Secret Skirmish.

Skirmish Day 1 (Duos)

Rise Nation’s Ronaldo and Ghost Gaming pro, Saf bagged 1st for this edition of the skirmish. They were able to collect a total of 16 points to secure top spot. The duo bagged a whopping $27k as the first prize for the tournament. Their competition was tight with Tfue and Dmo winning the first match. Everyone expected Faze clan’s Tfue and Ghost Dmo to end this event on the top.

On the contrary, Both ‘Saf’ and ‘Ronaldo’ clutched it in the final match and went guns blazing to get the win. They got 12 eliminations in the final match with “Saf” managing to get 5 quick kills in the final stages of the match.  Congrats to them both on this major win, for more info on tournament results, visit epic’s website, here.

Click here for Tfue’s Fortnite settings and Keybinds

Skirmish Day 2 (Solos)

This was the event that was hyped about the most. With $400k USD allotted as prize money, every player that participated for the duos event was a part of the solo tournament as well. Bizzle, from the Ghost clan, grabbed the top spot and pocketed a total of $60k.  The first match saw Team Liquids Vivid clutch out a win, putting him in the pole position to headline this tournament. But Vivid ended up finishing 3rd after all the matches were done.

Click here for more information on Vivids Fortnite settings and Keybinds

Bizzle showed up with his skills on match 5 to be precise. He got 13 elimination and ended the game with a Victory Royale, which earned him 8 points. He finished the tournament with a solid 12 points.

Congrats to Bizzle and Ghost gaming on this major win.

Click here for Bizzle’s Fortnite settings and Keybinds


Meanwhile, TFUE and FaZe Banks Both get “Fortnite” Tattoos Live on Stream!

Both Tfue and Banks announced their love for Fortnite by getting themselves Fortnite tattoos. Tfue got a Fortnite avatar of himself tattooed on his arm. Surprisingly,  Banks got the words “Code Tfue” tattooed on his thigh. Banks does say that since this is hidden among his many tattoos, “Code Tfue” being inked on his thigh wouldn’t be bad.

Faze clan members gathered around as both of them got tattooed and Tfue was live streaming the whole tattoo session.

Fortnite played a key role in helping Tfue reach his stardom. Getting it permanently inked on his body is his way of reminding himself about his favorite game and one of the reasons to all of his success.

Last year, Ninja was the first to get himself a Fortnite tattoo.  Now, everyone’s joining the tattoo bandwagon.

Do you think streamers are going overboard by getting game titles inked on their body? And, did you watch the secret skirmish? How did you find it? Post your thoughts and comments below.

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