Fortnite Love and War Guide – Challenges

February has brought some much-needed excitement to Fornite. The last big event of Chapter 2 is shaking up to be the Valentine’s day event, titled Love and War. This event doesn’t have all that much to do with Valentine’s day, but it is a great excuse to complete some challenges and get some free cosmetics. There are also some event-specific skins available in the store! Event skins always became rare later on, so it is worthwhile checking them out if you’re the type to look for the rarest Fornite skins. It’s been live since the last patch.

The main event of the Love and War guide is the LTM Search and Destroy. This is a 6v6 match, so it completely throws the normal Fortnite format out of the window. There are two maps available for this game mode, both designed by the Fortnite community rather than through Epic. You have to plant and defuse a bomb, like Search and destroy in more traditional shooters. It is a nice change of pace, but you’ve still got challenges to deal with.

Completing challenges is the only way to unlock the exclusive cosmetics for this event. That means you need to be playing plenty of Fortnite or trying to actively achieve some milestones. Like the majority of challenges in Fortnite, those for Love and War are fairly achievable. It shouldn’t take too long in the game to get them sorted. However, if you’re struggling for whatever reason our Love and War guide covers all of the challenges, even those not yet active.

Love and War Challenges

Fortnite Love and War Guide

These are the love and War challenges released so far. However, more are coming. We’ve detailed those that have leaked in this Love and War Challenges guide in italics. These ones are subject to change since they’re not live, but it is safe to assume they’re what is coming next.

  • Complete 5 Love Challenges
  • Complete 5 War Challenges
  • Then Complete 5 Love and 5 War Challenges

War Challenges

  • Play Search and Destroy Matches x5
  • Plant or Defuse a bomb in Search and Destroy matches x2 / x10
  • Earn Gold in Search and Destroy Challenges x2,500, x TBC, x 25,000)
  • Eliminate opponents or revive teammates in a single match
  • Deal to damage to opponents
  • Purchase a common item from vending machines in Search and Destroy
  • Purchase a Legendary item from vending machines in Search and Destroy

Love Challenges

  • Place in Top 15 in Duos or Squads with a Friend x5
  • Purchase items from vending machines in search and destroy x5/ x50/ x100
  • Heal a teammate with a bandage bazooka
  • Thank the bus driver in different matches
  • Gain health or apply shields

Pretty much all of these goals can be fulfilled pretty easily in search and destroy. It is a unique game mode compared with Battle Royale. If you’ve played a lot of other games like Call of Duty then it is going to be pretty familiar to you. If you can get through all of these challenges then you’ll be rewarded with the Declare Emote, the Beacon Trance wrap, and the twilight Strikers pickaxe. More rewards are going to be introduced to the event too, so you’re to be able to unlock a fair amount of stuff just from these challenges!

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