Fortnite Kill Record Broken Twice in Same Week on February 2019

This week has been crazy with all the big names logging back in to play Fortnite. Ever since the launch of Apex Legends, Epic has been busy trying to get users back in the game. All that being said, players are getting better at Fortnite and the world record for “Number of Eliminations” just got broken twice in a week

Faze Theifs and Webs had broken the record for the most eliminations on Feb 16th. With a total of 50 kills in “Duos vs Squads”, both players broke a previous record of 46 kills which was set in Jan 2019 by ImCLutchPlayz and IMrSharpShooter. Theifs had managed 21 kills whereas Webs had managed a whopping 29 kills. Sadly, this record didn’t last long.

Team OverTime Now Holds the Record for Most Kills

On Feb 18th, precisely two days after the previous record Inspyre and Thresh broke the max kill record for Duos vs Squads. They beat the previous record by exactly one kill and even posted a video of the whole match online. Check it out here:

The previous record was set at 50 and this duo was able to clutch a 51 kill game. Killing over half the server is damn impressive. Thresh got the most number of kills with 31 eliminations to his name and Inspyre managed to get a 21 kill game for himself.

It was pretty much during mid-match that both of them realized they were on the verge of a high kill game. Smart rotations using rifts and launchpads helped them cover almost half of the map. Both players helped each other every now and then, but the majority of the match they can be seen hunting for opponents on their own.

Epic’s Fortnite Sets NewRecord for Most Number of Concurrent Players Online Without a Special/Live Event!

Apex Legends has caused major issues for Epic with regards to players switching over to the new game. The number of viewers for Fortnite has also declined over the past few weeks.  All this came out of nowhere and it was clear that Epic was hit hard with another “free-to-play” title stealing its limelight.

Well, Epic raised its game by offering free BattlePass’ for its users. Upon completion of overtime challenges, users can unlock season 8 BattlePass for free and save their v-bucks for later purchases. This announcement literally triggered every Fortnite fanatic and forced them to log into their accounts to start with the overtime challenges.

On February 16th, 7.6 million concurrent players were online to play the game. This was the largest attendance in Fortnite history without any live/special events being hosted. Marshmello’s concert saw over 1 million concurrent players online to witness the “one of a kind” concert, but that was a special event that was hyped all month long.

A majority of the teenager gamers have embraced Fortnite as a part of their lifestyle and relate it to the game in many ways. This strong community showed up in numbers when Epic really needed them. This clearly shows that Fortnite isn’t going to wiped outout that easily. Users have already invested a significant amount of time and money on the game and will surely jump on the free BattlePass bandwagon.

What are your thoughts on this “Free-to-play” BattlePass? Which Fortnite world-records are the ones that really matter? Leave your thoughts and comments below.


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