Fortnite: Improve Your Aim

While it is possible to win a lot of Fortnite matches while avoiding firefights, some gunplay eventually has to happen. Key to success in Fortnite is learning how to improve your aim. If you really want to win more matches, you need to not only know which weapons to go for and where to land, but how to use these weapons.

Season 9 has brought a lot of changes to the game, but improving your aim is still the biggest improvement you can make to improve. There isn’t a golden bullet to improve your aim. However, improving each area will help you overall. This guide will run you through some basics tips to improving your aim in Fortnite.

The most important thing to keep in mind is muscle memory. The point of improving your aim in Fortnite is to build up muscle memory. The more practice you get, then the more natural it will be to aim quickly and responsively. There is a correct and incorrect way to practise, but it is ultimately practice that will help. These strategies will teach you what you need to work on to improve your aim, but it is going to take some time.

Improve your Aim at Long or Mid Range

Fortnite Improve Your Aim

Long or mid-range shots in Fortnite can be intimidating for new players. While you usually have the safety and space to take aim at a player, they’re dodging Most places move erratically to prevent you from lining up your shot. If you want to be able to sneak in damage at a range, there are some ways to improve your aim at a long or mid-range.

  • Tracking –At a long range, you need to be tracking the enemy’s movements so you can hit them. By doing this you can follow their movements while lining up their shot, rather than reacting to their dodging. Opponents won’t be stood still, so you need to work on this.
  • Anticipate –In order to track properly, you need to be able to aim where the enemy will be. To do this you need to anticipate their movement and move your crosshair to match this. This is easier said than done. However, with enough practise you can begin to get a feeling for the trajectory of players. If they are jumping up and down while moving away from the storm, there typically moving in a straight line. You can anticipate their pattern once you notice this. This is key to improving your aim.
  • Muscle Memory –Lining your crosshair up with what you’re watching is essential for making this process work. Crosshair movement has to be second nature through building up muscle memory before you can accurately react to player movement at this range.

Close Range Combat

Improve Your Aim Fortnite 1

Close Range combat is an entirely different thing in Fortnite. There is a lot more strategy to consider in these encounters than at a long-range.  However, aim is still important. To improve your aim in these situations there are a few tactics you can use.

  • Crosshair Placement –Similarly to PUBG, keeping your crosshairs high with a shotgun can give you the edge in Fortnite. Keep your crosshair high as you’re walking around buildings. Whenever you have a shotgun equipped, you should have your crosshair at head or high-torso height. This will let you do a lot more damage if you run into an opponent. If you keep your crosshairs low, you will take longer to adjust your aim which could kill you in close combat.
  • Use Body Movement –Most players use their crosshairs to line up shots rather than their bodies. Close combat requires you to aim quickly, most players do too much damage in one shot to recover. You need to start using both your body and your crosshairs to aim. Positioning your body will help you align your crosshairs faster than you could without moving. This will improve your aim and make you harder to hit.

Aiming with Sniper rifles are a pretty different thing entirely. That kind of range requires a deeper understanding of bullet drop and the travel time for a projectile, so it needs its own guide entirely. These strategies should help you improve your aim in Fortnite and hit your targets more often. However, you need to practise them to actually see an improvement. Keeping your settings optimisedand practicing is the best way to improve your aim in Fortnite.

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