Fortnite Ice Storm Challenge Day 1 & 2 – Complete Guide

Fortnite players have once again received a special limited time event titled the ‘Ice Storm Challenge’. This event is reminiscent of the previous Fortnite Halloween event ‘Fortnitemares’. Like the previous event, non-player characters (NPC’s) spawn in different locations on the map and players eliminate them in order to get weapons, shields and other items.

In the current challenge, during a cinematic scene, players see the Ice King coming out of his sphere and freezing the entire Fortnite Island. He then spawns the Ice Legion which is an array of ice monsters, similar to those from the Fortnitemares (but with an icy theme of course).

Three challenges became available on the first day of the event and it appears that two new challenges will become unlocked every 24 hours as another 2 were released for day 2.

Day 1 Challenges:

  • Complete Ice Storm Challenges (6) (Wrap reward)
  • Destroy Ice Fiends (250)
  • Deal Damage With Explosive Weapons To The Ice Legion (5,000)

Day 2 Challenges:

  • Destroy Ice Brutes (100)
  • Deal damage with Assault Rifles or Pistols to the Ice Legion (10,000)

1. Destroy Ice Fiends (250)

The first challenge that players are tasked with completing requires that players eliminate 250 Ice Fiends which can prove to be a lot more difficult than it seems since a lot of players will be going for this challenge and there will be intense fighting between the players while fighting the monsters at the same time.

The map has been changed as well and is now entirely covered with snow so Ice Fiends can spawn all over the map and not just the southern Polar Peak and the surrounding area. There are four types of Ice Fiends that are able to spawn near ice shards which include regular fiends, snowball throwers, heavy fiends and super heavy fiends who drop a lot of loot. Only the regular ones will count towards the 250 challenge.

fortnite kill ice fiends

2. Deal Damage With Explosive Weapons To The Ice Legion (5,000)

In order to complete the second challenge, players are required to deal 5000 damage to the Ice Legion using only explosive weapons. These weapons currently only include the grenade launcher, the rocket launcher, the quad launcher, grenades, and dynamite.

So far, the challenges available suggest that the event will probably last for two weeks if not more considering the amount of damage that needs to be done and the number of NPC that needs to be killed so you will probably have plenty of time to complete them. As far as tips go, you might want to do these challenges in squads which will offer you some protection from other players as well as make the progression of challenges faster.

fortnite deal damage with explosive weapons

3. Destroy Ice Brutes (100)

The third challenge was released 24 hours after the first two and it tasks the player with eliminating 100 Ice Brutes which are the big blue burly guys. These guys are a little stronger than their skinny counterparts. They deal 20 damage to the player per hit and have 400 health points.

fortnite destroy ice brutes

4. Deal damage with Assault Rifles or Pistols to the Ice Legion (10000)

The latest challenge that was released so far requires the player to deal 10000 damage with either a pistol or an assault rifle to the Ice Legion which is achieved by eliminating any and all NPC that spawn near the ice shards. Both of these weapon types are very common in Fortnite, so you should have no problem finding them. Don’t forget to bring lots of bullets!

fortnite deal damage with assault rifles or pistols

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