Fortnite Ice Storm Challenge Day 6 (Complete Guide) With Tips

The sixth and final day of the Ice Storm challenge is upon us fellow Fortnite enthusiasts. We have been given two more challenges to complete in order to earn special cosmetic rewards. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

If you haven’t yet completed days 1-5, get the guides below as you’ll need to complete all challenges for the reward!

Fortnite Ice Storm Challenge Day 6 Objectives:

  • Destroy members of the Ice Legion (0/300)
  • Deal damage to the Ice Legion (0/20000)

fortnite ice storm challenge day 6 challenges


Destroy Member of the Ice Legion (0/300)

The first, out of the two new challenges, is a type of challenge that we have already been faced with during the Ice Storm event. To complete this one, players simply need to eliminate 300 members of the Ice Legion which might take you a while, but shouldn’t be too difficult.

fortnite ice storm challenge day 6 destroy members of the ice legion


Deal Damage to the Ice Legion (0/20000)

The final challenge of the Ice Storm event is also a familiar one which players have seen during previous stages of the challenge. In order to complete it, players are required to deal 20000 damage to the Ice Legion. This is accomplished by eliminating any and all NPCs that spawn near the Ice Shards. This is a very large amount of damages. So while this may not be the most difficult of challenges, it will take time.


fortnite ice storm challenge day 6 deal damage to the ice legion

Ok. This should get you through day 6. So fire up the rigs, loot up and get to Ice Legion slaying. Happy hunting.

Have you completed all the challenges? Any issues? Let us know in the comments!

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