Fortnite Free 2020 Glider Guide

Fortnite’s Winterfest has been handing out a fair amount of free cosmetics to players. These limited-time items are impossible to obtain once the event is over, so most players have been pretty committed to getting them all on time! To do so though, you need to know exactly what it is you’re doing. The free 2020 Glider is no exception to this. The challenges are simple, but not if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll need to know your way around the Chapter 2 map and have some decent survival skills.

Fortnite Chapter 2 has been using a brand new map. This has made a few challenges a bit more difficult for players since they don’t have the excessive memory of every spot that you developed with the original map. This can make challenges slightly more difficult since they often involve finding smaller and specific spots, ones that are lacking in any major POI.

The challenge for the free 2020 Glider in Fortnite involves you heading to some New Years specific places on the map, and engaging with the Winterfest interface currently active in the game. Completing the challenge itself isn’t going to take you very long at all, with the help of this guide’s handy map. Otherwise, you’ll be searching beaches for a pretty tiny item for quite a while!

Fortnite 2020 Free Glider

To get started with the challenge, you need to head into the Winterfest lodge. Once there, click on the snowflake that is on the screen. It is near to the play button. This lets you start the challenge off. Now, you’ve just got to actually fulfill the objective.

How to Get the Free 2020 Glider in Fortnite

To get the free 2020 Glider in Fortnite, you need to activate some fireworks. This is all pretty simple, to get this done there are a few spots on the beach you can head too. They’re marked on the map below.

Fortnite 2020 Free Glider

The Sweaty Sands spot is going to give you the best chance of getting a good rotation despite completing a challenge. However, it will also be the busiest spot. The other spots shouldn’t cause you too much trouble.

One thing to keep in mind when completing this challenge is that everyone wants the free 2020 Glider in Fortnite. This means these spots are going to be crawling with players. Don’t drop straight on top of them. If you want to get it down quickly, drop close by and grab some materials and preferably a weapon. This should give you what you need to throw up a wall. Taking out any attackers while you activate the fireworks is also helpful.

This is part of the Fortnite Winterfest challenges, so you only have until January 7th to actually get this done! Make sure you get on it quick, along with completing the challenges for the other Winterfest rewards! To get each of the other rewards on offer in Winterfest, you just need to open up presents. The big rewards, the skins, are typically found in the big green present! As long as you get these open in time, you should be able to get all of the free cosmetics currently on offer in Fortnite.

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