Fortnite Foraged Items – Challenges and Locations

Fortnite’s latest set of challenges has sent players out searching for foraged items. These are items that ‘grow’ in the map and can be picked for use. These are a particularly interesting feature of Fortnite Chapter 2 since foraged items have been revamped since last season. The effects are more moderate, but foraging is a much bigger deal in Fortnite season 11 than previously. Between fishing, slurp, and foraged fruit there is a lot in the map for you to use. If you’re looking to complete a challenge, or just to supplement your looting then foraged items are a great place to start.

The emphasis in Fortnite Chapter 2 is definitely on exploration and searching. This is reflected in the roster of items available. Weapons have been pared down, but so has just about everything else. You’re not going to find many options when it comes to health and defense compared with Chapter 1. Shield potions are still available, but the good stuff is now to be found in barrels and trucks around the map. This has changed the balance a bit. If you want to stay on top of things, you need to be looking for foraged items.

Like many of the challenges in this Season, the foraged Items challenge is to make you explore some of the new features of the game. Players who haven’t been using foraged items enough might want to remember where they found these to complete this challenge. Like fishing or searching out Slurp stations, foraged items are a tool that you should be using in Fortnite chapter 2.

Foraged Items in Fortnite Chapter 2

Chapter 2 has a cut-down down inventory compared to the past. This applies to foraged items too. There aren’t as many things to forage, but the effects are a bit more useful than previously. This is what you have to look for:

  • Apples – These give you + 5 health.
  • Mushrooms – These give you +5 shield.
  • Coconuts – These give you +5 health or shield, letting you max out both.

These are the only foraged items in the game. However, finding them can be a bit tricky.

Where to Find These Items

Fortnite Foraged Items

If you’re looking for foraged items for a particular challenge, or just hoping to elevate your route around the map to include more healing opportunities, you need to know where to find these items. The good thing about foraged items is that their spawn points are fixed. This is similar to finding a boat spawn, you will always be able to find the one that you need. These are some of the best places to find each foraged item.

  • Apples – There are two major orchids of apples just north of Frenzy Farm.
  • Mushrooms – Mushrooms grow in a few different spots. You can get some northwest of Frenzy Farm, just to the left or where the apples are. You can also find them in the forest towards the bottom of Slurpy Swamp. There is also a good patch south of Misty Meadows.
  • Coconuts – You can find these around Sweaty Sounds. While it might be a bit obvious, they’re around the beach. Destroying Palm Trees will typically give you Coconuts. It is important to keep this mind if you’re really low on health or shield.

Foraged items in Fortnite are pretty easy to come by if you’re looking for them for a challenge. With the healing metagame altered in Chapter 2, they can also be a useful addition to your looting rotation around the map too. Between these foraged items and the Slurp containers found in the wild, you should be able to keep more of your loadout free for weapons in certain areas.

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