Fortnite Chapter 2 How to Play with Bots

Fortnite Chapter 2 has loads of new additions like fishing, more foraged items, a new map, polished weapons, and even bots. Bots are now pretty active in the game, which has lead to players wondering how to play with bots. While it might seem strange to try and boot up a game containing nothing but these easy-mode opponents, a lot of players have expressed interest in it. Whether for the fun of running around by yourself, the ability to practice specific plays without opponents getting in the way, or just to have some fun, playing with bots seems like an attractive option.

The presence of bots themselves has lead to some paranoia. Robophobia seems to have taken a grip on the Fortnite community. Players have become prone to assuming everyone that screws up their plays is a bot. This has even spread to competitive players; some have been venting about bots entirely ruining their games. Yet, bots remain a topic of curiosity for Fortnite players. Even if they’re not too happy about having them in their games, a lot of players want to spend some time among the bots. Going undercover and seeing how they live.

If you want to know how to play with bots, you have two options. One isn’t exactly allowed, but it is possible. The other occasionally gets shut off and requires you to do a bit of legwork. Using these methods might not be as straight forward as dropping into a match, but it seems Epic isn’t keen on the idea of playing with only bots. This means you’re going to need a workaround.


One way to play with bots in Fortnite is to abuse the free account system. This is a method that is definitely against Epic’s terms. They have banning players and will continue to, who make a show of doing this. Although, this largely applies to those advertising what they’re doing. Running streams about smurfing in the game isn’t going to go down well. However, doing it on a private level isn’t exactly going to rock the boat enough for Epic to care. This method has the capacity to match you with brand new players, and kind of ruin their experience. However, if you’re really set on playing with bots then this can work.

Make a new Epic account. These are free and very simple to make. All you need is another email address; which Gmail provides with very little work. You can then log into Fortnite with your new Epic account and be dropped into a game. This first game in Chapter 2 is almost exclusively bots. You will immediately be able to tell by how weird they act. This is something of a placement game. It decides how good you are in the game to place you in the skill-based matchmaking quicker.

How to Play With Bots

You can also deliberately drop your stats to get put back into the bot only matches. To do this though, you need to grind out quick and pointless deaths without kills. This isn’t going to be worthwhile if you care about your stats. Instead, this second Epic account can be ruined again whenever you want to play with bots.

If you don’t fancy going completely against Epic’s rules, and there are good reasons not too, then you do have another option.

How to Play With Bots with a Content Creator Code

This second method is a little harder but it is above board and more reliable. The only problem is that this was disabled in the last patch until some problems are fixed. This method should start working again in the future, so it is helpful to know about it for now.

To pull this off, you need access to a social media account with over 1,000 followers or a friend with that amount. Here’s how you do it:

  • Sign up to the content creator program here.
  • Once you’re registered and approved, you’ll get control over custom matchmaking.
  • Make a game, and use a Custom Matchmaking Key.
  • This will boot you into a game, with no one else around unless they know your matchmaking key.
  • The game will normally fill itself up with bots once a couple of players are in there.

While this method is currently disabled, it is likely to come back online soon. These are the only ways to play against bots for the time being.

If you’re looking to play against bots to improve your performance in Fortnite, then our guides might be more helpful then endless games against machines. These cover the basics of Chapter 2, what settings to use, and how to get the best frames per second possible in the game. This should give you a better head start than endless practice against bots.

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