Fortnite Chapter 2 Boat Spawn Locations

Fortnite Chapter 2 has brought the game back to basics. A solid map, with the occasional tweak, a small roster of weapons, pure building and shooting. However, there is one major mobility feature in the game. Boat spawns are the only real mobility option in the game at the moment. This has made them a really important asset in Squads or Duo games. Since they’re the only way to reliably get around fast, you want to cater your landing locations to where there is boat spawns in Fortnite Chapter 2.

Boats are relatively easy to operate and can be used both in the water in Fortnite and on land. While they aren’t perfect on land, they do work. They make quite the noise and you have to rely on boosts. However, there are underrated as a tool for demolishing other people’s buildings. In the right hands, a boat on land can do as much damage as the hated planes.

Boats are the main mechanic of this season. When every player currently has to run as fast as they can across the map if the storm goes to an inconvenient place, boats can make or break your game. If you want to maximize your mobility in Fortnite, you’ve got to be on top of where the boats are. Knowing where boat spawns are located is going to give you the upper hand in positioning yourself around the storm throughout the game.

Fortnite Locations with Boat Spawns

Boat Spawns

Since a lot of the boat spawns aren’t tied to specific POIs, the easiest way to demonstrate where they are is to use the map’s reference points. The coordinates given correspond with the grid on the map above.

  • At the bottom of E8.
  • In the bottom center of the beach in G8.
  • C6 by the coast.
  • D7, E7, and F7. These are all located around the pool of water.
  • G6 – This one is located at the right of Lazy Lake.
  • 5D – this is along the river, near the bridge.
  • E5 – This one is located facing the Eye Land.
  • F4 – There are multiple spawns around the edges of Eye Land.
  • H5 – Where the river turns into a pond there a few boat spawns.
  • Dirty Docks – There are loads of boat spawns around dirty docks.
  • A3 – This one is located at the top of the map.
  • C2 – This one is in Pleasant Park.
  • B2 – locate don the coast.
  • C1 – This boat spawn is on the coast.
  • A1 – Located on the island that is separated from the main map.
  • AE – This one is on the outskirts of Craggy Cliffs.
  • G1 – This one is located on the large area of beach that extends outwards.

In Conclusion

Boat Spawns around the new Fortnite Map aren’t as common as some players might have thought. If you want to reliably have access to one, you’re going to have to land in specific spaces. While boats are key to mobility, these boat spawn make them a less than universal feature in games of Fortnite. There are plenty of strategies that avoid using a boat, but you’ll have to run pretty fast if you get the wrong storm location.

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